Alvarado, Veronica

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Incredible Survival Stories
Tales of Death-Defying Treks across the Globe
Jay Cassell, Veronica Alvarado
(Skyhorse Publishing)
Scale the world’s highest peaks, plunge to the depths of the ocean, wade through the dense jungles of the Amazon, and cross every terrain in between in Incredible Survival Stories. Featuring more than a dozen firsthand accounts from celebrated explorers and adventurers, this collection includes some... [READ MORE]
Incredible Adventure and Exploration Stories
Tales of Daring across the Globe
Veronica Alvarado
(Skyhorse Publishing)
An exciting collection of dangerous adventures, harrowing travels, and heart-stopping journeys, Incredible Adventure and Exploration Stories compiles tales from around the globe that are sure to amaze. Popular and well-known tales of exploration venturing overland and across the sea are featured, as... [READ MORE]
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