Ayres, James Morgan

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An Introduction to Firearms
Your Guide to Selection, Use, Safety, and Self-Defense
By James Morgan Ayres
(Skyhorse Publishing)
Learn everything you need to know to own and shoot firearms responsibly in this newly updated guide.Owning a firearm is a big responsibility. There’s more to it than just walking into a gun shop and walking out with a gun. In addition to knowing state laws and regulations, you’ll need to have the confidence... [READ MORE]
The Tactical Knife
A Comprehensive Guide to Designs, Techniques, and Uses
By James Morgan Ayres, Foreword by Mykel Hawke
(Skyhorse Publishing)
Everything you need to know to buy and wield a tactical knife. Tactical knives are the fast-growing field of American bladesmithing. Now, in one groundbreaking volume, tactical knife expert James Morgan Ayres shares more than four decades of real-world experience with purpose-designed knives. You’ll... [READ MORE]
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