ASF, Jerome

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Bacca and the Skeleton King
An Unofficial Minecrafter’s Adventure
By Jerome ASF, With Scott Kenemore
(Sky Pony Press)
Bacca is back! YouTube sensation JeromeASF’s beloved character returns for a Minecrafter’s adventure thousands of years in the making! A massive zombies-versus-skeletons war has broken out in Minecraft, threatening to engulf and destroy the entire Overworld, and there’s only one furry creature clever... [READ MORE]
Bacca and the Riddle of the Diamond Dragon
An Unofficial Minecrafter's Adventure
By Jerome ASF
(Sky Pony Press)
JeromeASF, the YouTube sensation, debuts his Bacca character on the printed page with this action-packed Minecraft adventure for all ages. Bacca has it all. The most celebrated (and furry) star in the Overworld, he’s the person others look to for help building their dungeons, mazes, and castles. He has... [READ MORE]
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