Alton, Joseph

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The Ebola Survival Handbook
An MD Tells You What You Need to Know Now to Stay Safe
By Joseph Alton
(Skyhorse Publishing)
As the Ebola epidemic becomes more frightening—and hits closer to home—people are looking for answers. How does it spread? Are we at risk? How do we protect ourselves and our families from this deadly disease? In this necessary new book, Dr. Joseph Alton, an MD who is at the forefront of crisis medicine,... [READ MORE]
The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide
Emergency Preparedness for ANY Disaster
By Joseph Alton, By Amy Alton
(Skyhorse Publishing)
The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for any Disaster is the new abridged version of the bestselling book The Survival Medicine Handbook. This unique medical book is meant to enable the average person to handle injuries and illness in situations in which modern medical facilities... [READ MORE]
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