Crawshaw, Fred D.

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Ultimate Guide to Farm Mechanics
A Practical How-To Guide for the Farmer
By Fred D. Crawshaw, By Emil W. Lehmann, By Byron D. Halsted, By James H. Stephenson
(Skyhorse Publishing)
A reference and instruction guide to the mechanics of working the land.The Ultimate Guide to Farm Mechanics combines three classic farming texts for the first time, compiling knowledge from the best sources published as far back as 1884. A comprehensive reference book that belongs in any farming household... [READ MORE]
Farm Mechanics
The Original 1922 Edition
By Fred D. Crawshaw, By E W. Lehmann
(Skyhorse Publishing)
An essential agricultural text originally published in 1922, Farm Mechanics is exactly that: a detailed but easy-to-understand manual outlining all the important aspects of working the land.The guide is broken up into sections that cover every aspect of farm work, from woodworking and cement-laying to... [READ MORE]
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