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Incredible Baseball Stats
The Coolest, Strangest Stats and Facts in Baseball History
By Kevin Reavy, By Ryan Spaeder, Foreword by Wade Boggs
(Sports Publishing)
As America's pastime since the mid-1800s, baseball offers the sights, sounds, and even smells that are deeply entrenched in our culture. But for some, the experience can be less sensory. Some, such as Ryan Spaeder and Kevin Reavy, live for baseball statistics. Stats give the game historical context and... [READ MORE]
Facing Ted Williams
Players from the Golden Age of Baseball Recall the Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived
Edited by Dave Heller, Foreword by Wade Boggs, Afterword by Bob Wolff
(Sports Publishing)
“The Splendid Splinter,” “Teddy Ballgame,” “The Kid”—no matter the nickname, Ted Williams was one of the most accomplished hitters in baseball history. He was the last man to hit .400 in a single season, a nineteen-time All-Star, a two-time MVP and Triple Crown award winner, and an inductee into the... [READ MORE]
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