Arnstein, Larry

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Cleopatra's Confessions
A Feline Guide to Coping with Dogs, Humans, and Other Pointless Interruptions to a Good Nap
By Cleopatra J. Cat, With Larry Arnstein, With Zack Arnstein, With Joey Arnstein
(Skyhorse Publishing)
Humans have a purpose in this world: providing high-quality cat food, both wet and dry, also the Minimum Daily Cat Requirement of petting(not less than two hours),and most important, making available a good Sleep Environment for a cat. This must include comfortable chairs, couches, beds, countertops... [READ MORE]
The Dogma of Rufus
A Canine Guide to Eating, Sleeping, Digging, Slobbering, Scratching, and Surviving with Humans
By Rufus, By Larry Arnstein, By Zack Arnstein, By Joey Arnstein
(Skyhorse Publishing)
So, you’ve been ripped out from your mother’s paws and taken in by a strange family of humans that has kids who insist on flapping your floppy ears and dressing you up like a ladybug. These new human-folk are trying to “teach” you things, like sitting or not ripping apart their fun-looking shoes, and... [READ MORE]
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