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    Ethics and the Visual Arts
    Edited by Elaine A. King, Edited by Gail Levin
    (Allworth Press)
    The dark side of the arts is explored in this timely volume, sure to spark discussion and debate. Nineteen diverse essays by such distinguished authors as Eric Fischl, Suzaan Boettger, Stephen Weil, Richard Serra, and more cover a broad range of topics facing today’s artists, policy makers, art lawyers,... [READ MORE]
    The Elgin Affair
    The True Story of the Greatest Theft in History
    By Theodore Vrettos
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Almost two hundred years after they were “purchased” from Greece, the finest and most famous marbles of antiquity still remain a burning issue. This compelling, controversial story of the Elgin marbles re-creates in full and colorful detail “the greatest art theft in history,” a steamy tale of obsession,... [READ MORE]
    Contemporary Art in the Light of History
    By Erwin Rosenthal, Edited by Deborah Rosenthal, Introduction by Lance Esplund
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Erwin Rosenthal’s Contemporary Art in the Light of History, originally published in 1971, is a small masterpiece of writing on the art of the twentieth century. A scholar of medieval art by training and a prominent antiquarian bookseller, Rosenthal, who died in l981, was equally entranced by modern art,... [READ MORE]
    Line Color Form
    The Language of Art and Design
    By Jesse Day
    (Allworth Press)
    Design students today are more visually literate than ever before, and their learning style naturally favors the visual over the textual. So why should they learn art and design theory from a traditional textbook? The only guide of its kind, Line Color Form offers a thorough introduction to design theory... [READ MORE]
    The Profitable Artist
    A Handbook for All Artists in the Performing, Literary, and Visual Arts
    By Artspire
    (Allworth Press)
    While all art is unique, the challenges artists face are shared regardless of background, experience, and artistic medium. With decades of experience training and helping artists, the expert staff of the New York Foundation for the Arts have compiled a “best practices” approach to planning and organizing... [READ MORE]
    Redeeming Art
    Critical Reveries
    By Donald Kuspit
    (Allworth Press)
    In essays culled from three decades of critical writing, Donald Kuspit explores the aesthetic developments of the twentieth century, from post-impressionism to the latest permutation of post-Modernism. Ranging from Willem de Kooning to Andy Warhol to Sue Coe, this provocative anthology chronicles the... [READ MORE]
    The Quotable Artist
    By Peggy Hadden
    (Allworth Press)
    Journey through the wit and wisdom of generations of visual artists, photographers, writers, and architects--and discover what makes creative people extraordinary. This compilation of more than 1,000 great quotations, from famous to obscure, celebrates what artist throughout time have said about fame,... [READ MORE]
    The Graphic Designer's Guide to Clients
    How to Make Clients Happy and Do Great Work
    By Ellen Shapiro
    (Allworth Press)
    Here is the perfect volume for graphic designers who want real-life advice for long-term success. Renowned designer Ellen Shapiro reveals time-tested tricks of the trade-for making sure the clients you want to work with know about you, become your clients, and work with you productively. &lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Then,... [READ MORE]
    A History of Wood Engraving
    The Original Edition
    By Douglas Percy Bliss
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Housed in the British Museum is a 1300-year-old Chinese manuscript with the image of Buddha drawn in flowing black lines. This, according to A History of Wood Engraving, is the oldest known woodcut and the starting point for this lively history of the art form. For hundreds of years, wood engraving was... [READ MORE]
    Marcel Duchamp
    By Octavio Paz
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Octavio Paz conveying “his awareness of Duchamp as a great cautionary figure in our culture, warning us with jest and quiet scandals of the menacing encroachment of criticism, science and even art.” —New York Times Book Review... [READ MORE]
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