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    Reading My Way from Hollywood to Brooklyn
    By Wendy W. Fairey
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Wendy Fairey grew up among books. As the shy and studious daughter of famed Hollywood columnist Sheilah Graham—F. Scott Fitzgerald’s lover during the last years of his life—she began as a child reading her way through the library Fitzgerald had assembled for her mother and escaped into the landscape... [READ MORE]
    Carnage and Courage
    A Memoir of FDR, the Kennedys, and World War II
    By Page Wilson
    (Yucca Publishing)
    Carnage and Courage is the story of an American woman’s journey from upper-crust ingénue to a career in the US diplomatic corps. At President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's behest, Page Wilson left the US to serve in London with Ambassador Joseph Kennedy as he took up his post just before World War II began... [READ MORE]
    Angela's Decision
    Outsmarting My Cancer Genes and Determining My Fate
    By Angela Schmidt Fishbaugh
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    One woman’s brave journey to take control of her life, health, and future.After a routine pap smear in 2009, Angela Schmidt Fishbaugh discovered that she had tested positive for BRCA1, a genetic trait that predisposed her to breast and ovarian cancer. After her initial shock—and subsequent to consulting... [READ MORE]
    Call of the American Wild
    A Tenderfoot's Escape to Alaska
    By Guy Grieve
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    “A wild adventure.” —IndependentA man, an axe, and a dog named Fuzzy . . . let the adventure begin! Trapped in a job he hated and up to his neck in debt, Guy Grieve’s life was going nowhere. But with a stroke of luck, his dream of escaping it all to live in the remote Alaskan tundra suddenly came true.... [READ MORE]
    What a Life!
    A Memoir
    By Donald Jacobs
    (Good Books)
    Don Jacobs, exuberant, wise, and remarkably capable of regarding himself lightly, has written a memoir. Here he candidly explores how he simultaneously held the trust of conservative North American Mennonites and the respect of African Mennonites who chose him to be their first bishop. He writes openly... [READ MORE]
    The Volunteer
    The Incredible True Story of an Israeli Spy on the Trail of International Terrorists
    By Michael Ross, With Jonathan Kay
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    When Michael Ross decided to go backpacking across Europe, he had no inkling that his vacation would lead to a life tracking down the world's most dangerous terrorists. In Israel, out of money and alone, Ross began working on a Kibbutz—and fell in love with both the country and an Israeli woman. After... [READ MORE]
    The True History of the Elephant Man
    The Definitive Account of the Tragic and Extraordinary Life of Joseph Carey Merrick
    By Peter Ford, By Michael Howell
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Due to horrible physical deformities, he spent much of his life as a fair-ground freak. He was hounded, persecuted, and starving, until his fortune changed and he was rescued, housed, and fed by the distinguished surgeon, Frederick Treves. The subject of several books, a Broadway hit, and a film, Joseph... [READ MORE]
    You Want Fries With That
    A White-Collar Burnout Experiences Life at Minimum Wage
    By Prioleau Alexander
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Ever fantasized about quitting your job and starting over? Prioleau Alexander did just that. Here is his laugh-out-loud funny, endearing, and humbling exploration of life at minimum wage. Alexander walked away from a lucrative career as an advertising executive, seeking a life “like that dude on Kung... [READ MORE]
    Zelda Fitzgerald
    The Tragic, Meticulously Researched Biography of the Jazz Age's High Priestess
    By Sally Cline
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Zelda Fitzgerald was the mythical American Dream Girl of the Roaring Twenties who became, in the words of her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald, “the first American flapper.” Their romance transformed a symbol of glamour and spectacle of the Jazz Age. When Zelda cracked up, not long after the stock market... [READ MORE]
    The Incredible True Story of the Man Who Saved the Jews of Budapest
    By Kati Marton
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A fearless young Swede whose efforts saved countless Hungarian Jews from certain death at the hands of Adolf Eichmann, Raoul Wallenberg was one of the true heroes to emerge during the Nazi occupation of Eu-rope. He left a life of privilege and, against staggering odds, brought hope to those who had been... [READ MORE]
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