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    Hard Time
    Life with Sheriff Joe Arpaio in America’s Toughest Jail
    By Shaun Attwood, Foreword by Tony Papa, Introduction by Anne Mini
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Shaun Attwood was a millionaire day trader in Phoenix, Arizona, but his hedonistic lifestyle of drugs and parties came to an abrupt end in 2002 when a SWAT team broke down his door. Attwood found himself on remand in Maricopa Jail with a $750,000 cash bond and all of his assets seized. The nightmare... [READ MORE]
    My Captivity
    A Pioneer Woman's Story of Her Life Among the Sioux
    By Fanny Kelly
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Fanny Kelly’s memoir, first published in 1872, is an intelligent and thoughtful narrative. Kelly spent five months as a prisoner of Ogalalla Sioux in 1864 when she was nineteen years old. A woman of her time, there was no reason she should feel sympathy toward her captors, but the introduction points... [READ MORE]
    Imperial Legend: The Mysterious Disapperance of Tsar Alexander I
    By Alexis S. Troubetzkoy
    (Arcade Publishing)
    One of Russiaís greatest emperors, beloved of his subjects for his many liberalizing works domestically and for his victory over the invincible Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander I presumably died in 1825, at the age of 48. Ever since then, rumors have swirled that the young and vigorous Tsar, who carried... [READ MORE]
    Chewing Gum in Holy Water: A Childhood in the Heart of Italy
    By Mario Valentini
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A warm, tender, and richly nostalgic look at growing up in a remote village in a postwar Italy on the brink of modernity.... [READ MORE]
    The Queen & Di: The Untold Story
    By Ingrid Seward
    (Arcade Publishing)
    As the editor of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward has developed professional and personal relationships with the royal family. We discover a surprising portrait of the English monarch and the princess, contradicting what the press has previously reported: a fragile Diana battling an unfeeling mother-in-law.... [READ MORE]
    The Hands of Peace
    A Holocaust Survivor’s Fight for Civil Rights in the American South
    By Marione Ingram, Foreword by Thelton Henderson
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Born in Hamburg in the 1930s, Marione Ingram survived the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, only to find when she came to the United States that racism was as pervasive in the American South as anti-Semitism was in Europe.Moving first to New York and then to Washington, DC, Marione joined the burgeoning civil... [READ MORE]
    Francis Bacon
    Anatomy of an Enigma
    By Michael Peppiatt
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Francis Bacon was one of the most powerful and enigmatic creative geniuses of the twentieth century. Immediately recognizable, his paintings continue to challenge interpretations and provoke controversy. Bacon was also an extraordinary personality. Generous but cruel, forthright yet manipulative, ebullient... [READ MORE]
    Iron Heart
    The True Story of How I Came Back from the Dead
    By Brian Boyle, With Bill Katovsky
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    It was a horrific car crash. On the way home from swim practice, eighteen-year old Brian Boyle’s future changed in an instant when a dump truck plowed into his Camaro. He was airlifted to a shock-trauma hospital. He had lost sixty percent of his blood, his heart had moved across his chest, and his organs... [READ MORE]
    Max Factor
    The Man Who Changed the Faces of the World
    By Fred E. Basten
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Nice women never wore makeup. Even the word was taboo in polite society—until Max Factor entered the scene. Born in Poland in 1877, Factor worked as a beautician for the Russian royal family, the Romanovs. In 1904, he fled to America, where he opened a cosmetics store in Los Angeles. Creating makeup... [READ MORE]
    Dick Vitale's Living A Dream
    Reflections on 25 Years Sitting in the Best Seat in the House
    By Dick Vitale, By Dick Weiss, Foreword by Mike Krzyzewski
    (Sports Publishing)
    Since joining ESPN in 1979, Dick Vitale has become the senior spokesman for college hoops. In Living A Dream, Vitale reveals details about his start at ESPN and shares his feelings about the most important people in the college basketball world. A must-have for any basketball fan.... [READ MORE]
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