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    of this earth
    A Mennonite Boyhood In The Boreal Forest
    By Rudy Wiebe
    (Good Books)
    Rudy Wiebe has written award-winning fiction for decades. He is recognized as one of Canada's finest literary treasures. Twice he has received Canada's most prestigious prize for fiction writing: The Governor-General's Award (equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize for fiction). Now comes new recognition for... [READ MORE]
    Wing-Beaten Air
    My Life And My Writing
    By Yorifumi Yaguchi
    (Good Books)
    Acclaimed Japanese poet Yorifumi Yaguchi has turned his writing attention to telling what he experienced as a child growing up on the island of Honshu in the late 1930s and '40s. When life became incomprehensible, Yaguchi put his experiences into poems. His audience grew beyond Japan—and included Robert... [READ MORE]
    Grief, Grace and Hope
    The Autobiography Of Pakisha K. Tshimika
    By Pakisha Tshimika
    (Good Books)
    Overcoming nearly insurmountable physical disabilities, as well as personal tragedies that would derail the lives of many people, Pakisa Tshimika has experienced a life that has inspired countless others along the way. After starting on a lengthy recovery following a devastating automobile accident,... [READ MORE]
    Jumping Into Empty Space
    A Reluctant Mennonite Businessman Serves In Paraguay's Presidential Cabinet
    By Ernst Bergen
    (Good Books)
    Ernst Bergen had good reason to say no when the President of his country asked him to join his cabinet. Massive corruption was considered the ordinary course of business in Paraguay and had driven it to near financial ruin. Bergen, at age 39, was among the most successful men in the country with not... [READ MORE]
    Entering the Wild
    Essays On Faith And Writing
    By Assorted
    (Good Books)
    Award-winning and beloved poet, Jean Janzen, has written her memoir. Although she writes here in prose, Janzen's poetic voice is unmistakably present. And so she takes the reader with her into the depth and texture of what she has experienced.... [READ MORE]
    The Diva Next Door
    How to Be a Singing Star Wherever You Are
    By Jill Switzer
    (Allworth Press)
    You too can be a star! If you've ever dreamed of singing on American Idol or grabbing a Grammy Award, The Diva Next Door is for you. Switzer's book, designed for everyone from total novice on up, takes a three—step approach: how to get physically and mentally in shape for a singing career, how to create... [READ MORE]
    The Emergency Teacher
    The Inspirational Story of a New Teacher in an Inner City School
    By Christina Asquith, Foreword by Mark Bowden, Introduction by Harry K. Wong
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Christina Asquith presents a moving first-hand account of her year teaching in one of Philadelphia’s worst schools. Told with striking humor and honesty, her story begins when the School District of Philadelphia, in desperate need of 1,500 new teachers, instituted a policy of hiring “emergency certified”... [READ MORE]
    Chasing China
    How I Went to China in Search of a Fortune and Found a Life
    By Mark Kitto
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    An astonishing, cautionary tale of how Westerner Mark Kitto built a successful media empire in China, creating and running 3 magazines, only to have the state take his business, and his livelihood, away. “I had fought off attacks from jealous rivals and been investigated by every bureau with the slightest... [READ MORE]
    Hanging By A Thread
    The Missions of a Helicopter Rescue Doctor
    By Emmanuel Cauchy
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Outdoor sports enthusiast and extreme doctor Emmanuel Cauchy reveals here for the first time the perilous rescues he’s performed in the world’s most terrifying and unforgiving mountain climates. Known around the world as the “vertical doctor,” Emmanuel Cauchy gives stunning and terrifying accounts of... [READ MORE]
    The Mountain Within
    The True Story of the World's Most Extreme Free-Ascent Climber
    By Alexander Huber, Translated by Anna Brailovsky
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    One of the best mountaineers of our generation ?nally reveals the details of his many exciting extreme alpine ascents—ascents in which his only equipment is a pair of shoes and a small bag for holding chalk. Clinging to the crevasses in mountain walls, with muscles bulging as he makes his free ascent,... [READ MORE]
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