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    The Tragic Story of Kafka's Great Love
    By Margarete Buber-Neumann, Translated by Ralph Manheim
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A powerful portrait of loss, love, and survival in Nazi Germany.Kafka’s great love, Milena Jesenká, to whom he wrote his most passionate letters, was a beautiful, politically committed, talented free spirit. At one time Kafka’s translator, she later became a celebrated journalist. Milena took an early... [READ MORE]
    The Accidental Feminist
    The Life of One Woman through War, Motherhood, and International Photojournalism
    By Toby Molenaar
    (Arcade Publishing)
    This is the story of an independent woman who is a model for our time—photographer Toby Molenaar. It begins in Holland during World War II, when her country is decimated by the occupying German army and she is literally left to starve. As a little girl, she learns to be self-sufficient—survival is the... [READ MORE]
    The Candy Men
    The Rollicking Life and Times of the Notorious Novel Candy
    By Nile Southern
    (Arcade Publishing)
    In the early fall of 1958, the notorious Olympia Press in Paris published a novel entitled Candy, an erotic, Rabelaisian satire loosely based on Voltaire's Candide by one Maxwell Kenton, pseudonym of its coauthors, Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg. The novel drew the attention of the French censors,... [READ MORE]
    Audrey Hepburn
    A Charmed Life
    By Robyn Karney
    (Arcade Publishing)
    “A sumptuously illustrated book which will delight idolaters of high fashion and movie stardom.” —Times Literary Supplement With 177 superb photographs, Audrey Hepburn is a sumptuous celebration of Hepburn as a beloved fashion icon and actress. Karney tells the story of Hepburn’s life, from her childhood... [READ MORE]
    The Unknown Henry Miller
    A Seeker in Big Sur
    By Arthur Hoyle, Foreword by James M. Decker
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Henry Miller was one of the most distinctive voices in twentieth-century literature, yet he remains misunderstood. Better known in Europe than in his native America for most of his career, he achieved international success and celebrity during the 1960s when his banned “Paris” books—beginning with Tropic... [READ MORE]
    The Search for Anne Perry
    The Hidden Life of a Bestselling Crime Writer
    By Joanne Drayton
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A New York Times bestseller, this acclaimed biography of crime writer Anne Perry is now in paperback. When Peter Jackson released Heavenly Creatures, based on a famous 1950s matricide committed by two teenage girls in an obsessive relationship, the movie launched his international career and forever... [READ MORE]
    Dashiell Hammett
    Man of Mystery
    By Sally Cline, Foreword by Otto Penzler
    (Arcade Publishing)
    "Delivers the goods on Hammett, in brief. . . . An entertaining and informative read.” —Library Journal Dashiell Hammett: Man of Mystery is the first new biography in thirty years on the man who changed the face of crime fiction. In five novels published over five years as well as a string of stories,... [READ MORE]
    Don't Be Afraid of the Bullets
    An Accidental War Correspondent in Yemen
    By Laura Kasinof
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Laura Kasinof studied Arabic in college and moved to Yemen a few years later—after a friend at a late-night party in Washington, DC, recommended the country as a good place to work as a freelance journalist. When she first moved to the capital city of Sanaa in 2009, she was the only American reporter... [READ MORE]
    The Boy at the Gate
    One Man's Journey Back to a Lost Childhood in Ireland
    By Danny Ellis
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Danny Ellis is a survivor, strong and resilient. A proclaimed singer-songwriter, he is proud of the way in which he handled his difficult past: poverty in the 1950s Dublin slums and the brutality of the notorious Artane Industrial School. He felt as though he had safely disposed of it all, until one... [READ MORE]
    Libertarians on the Prairie
    Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder Lane, and the Making of the Little House Books
    By Christine Woodside
    (Arcade Publishing)
    This myth-busting book finally reveals the true story behind the beloved children's classics. Generations of children have fallen in love with the pioneer saga of the Ingalls family, of Pa and Ma, Laura and her sisters, and their loyal dog, Jack. Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books have taught... [READ MORE]
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