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    Telling readers what they need to know now to protect their pensions, two pension experts and reform advocates reveal the pitfalls in the system, ask disturbing questions, and offer valuable advice to protect retirement income.... [READ MORE]
    Machiavelli on Business
    Strategies, Advice, and Words of Wisdom on Business and Power
    By Niccolò Machiavelli, By Stephen Brennan
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Business Lessons from the Renaissance Master of Gaining and Maintaining PowerGenerally considered the father of modern political science—and political ethics in particular—Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was a Renaissance Italian writer, philosopher, humanist, historian, politician, and diplomat.... [READ MORE]
    Doing Good Better
    How to be an Effective Board Member of a Nonprofit Organization
    By Edgar Stoesz
    (Good Books)
    This trusted handbook for nonprofit board service is newly revised and includes new case studies and even more tips and ideas from the trenches of nonprofit board work. Doing Good Better is approachable wisdom. Edgar Stoesz has made Doing Good Better a guidebook for both board members of nonprofits,... [READ MORE]
    Scrapbooking for Profit
    Cashing in on Retail, Home-Based, and Internet Opp
    By Rebecca F. Pittman
    (Allworth Press)
    This comprehensive guide reveals 11 paths to making money in the scrapbook market, along with the tools to do it. Every career option, business situation, and topic a scrapbook artist may encounter is covered in clear, calm, step—by—step explanations and short, easy—to—grasp chapters. Quotes, advice,... [READ MORE]
    Effective Publications Management
    Keeping Print Communications on Time, on Budget, on Message
    By Cathy Connor Lips
    (Allworth Press)
    Master the details of creating, contracting, and overseeing print materials, and make your communication projects—annual reports, brochures, newsletters, and other publications—run smoothly.Each chapter is dedicated to a different phase of the process. Topics include determining your communication needs,... [READ MORE]
    Design Thinking
    Integrating Innovation, Customer Experience, and Brand Value
    By Thomas Lockwood
    (Allworth Press)
    This thought-provoking and inspirational book covers such topics as: developing a solid creative process through “Visual Reflection Notebooks” and “Bring Play to Work”; understanding the artist’s unique identity in relation to the larger culture; building systems of support and collaboration; explaining... [READ MORE]
    How to Win Grants
    101 Winning Strategies
    By Alan Silver
    (Allworth Press)
    Concisely written and easy to follow, How to Win Grants demonstrates a three-stage grant development model distilled into 101 actionable strategies, arranged in order of execution and supplemented by helpful checklists. In stage one, “Prepare,” grantseekers begin by assessing their personal and agency... [READ MORE]
    The Pocket Small Business Owner's Guide to Business Plans
    By Brian Hill, By Dee Power
    (Allworth Press)
    Planning is essential to creating a competitive advantage for your small business, and properly done, it can actually be fun. That is the message of this thorough guide, written in easy-to-follow, nontechnical language that you don’t need an MBA to understand. In what areas will your business specialize?... [READ MORE]
    Matchmaking From Fun to Profit
    By Matchmaking Institute
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    You’ve successfully set up your friends with their perfect partners and have become the “go-to person” when pals need a new relationship. That may just seem like a fun way to help those you love, but it might be a great career opportunity, too. Don’t just play matchmaker…really become one! It’s simple,... [READ MORE]
    No Job? No Prob!
    How to Pay Your Bills, Feed Your Mind, and Have a Blast When You're Out of Work
    By Nicholas Nigro
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    In No Job? No Prob!, business writer Nicholas Nigro shows readers how to convert unemployment lemons into refreshing lemonade. Offering advice that is at once motivational (“when unemployment comes calling, start walking and don’t look back”), practical (“20 ways to make yourself leave the house at least... [READ MORE]
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