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    Classic Cocktails, Reconsidered and Reinvented
    By Julia Hastings-Black, By Michael Turback
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Experience the rebirth of cocktails and enjoy your favorite classics as you’ve never tasted them before! History tells us that once a cocktail achieved prominence at the bar, the impulse to invent variations has been irresistible. ReMixology is a celebration of time-honored cocktails, the fascinating... [READ MORE]
    Green Smoothie Joy for Nutribullet
    By Cressida Elias
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Green Smoothie Joy for Nutribullet teaches you how to create an array of delicious and healthy green smoothies using your Nutribullet (the recipes will also work in other blenders). Additionally, this book gives you the tools to invent your own great-tasting green smoothies. The health benefits of these... [READ MORE]
    The Age Beautifully Cookbook
    Easy and Exotic Longevity Secrets from Around the World
    By Grace O
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Eating well doesn’t mean sacrificing the foods you love or satisfying, great-tasting meals. FoodTrients, originated by Grace O, is a unique program supported by current research that positions food as an anti-aging strategy for achieving sustainable health. A FoodTrient is her name for the natural anti-aging... [READ MORE]
    Super Smoothies for NutriBullet
    More Than 75 Simple Recipes to Supercharge Your Health
    By Christine Kent
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Smoothies that make clean eating delicious, easy, and fun. Smoothies that fully satisfy your cravings. Smoothies that create optimal health and energy. Smoothies that nourish the body with no added stimulants. This is the super smoothie! Super Smoothies for Nutribullet is about more than just making... [READ MORE]
    Whole Bowls
    Complete Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Meals to Power Your Day
    By Allison Day
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    National Recipient of the Gourmand Award for Best Vegetarian Cookbook!From the creator of the award-winning food blog Yummy Beet, turn familiar and traditional tastes into healthy, one-bowl meals.Healthful, plentiful, and simple kitchen creations feel at home in a bowl. Whether a meal is enjoyed as a... [READ MORE]
    Short Order Dad
    One Guy’s Guide to Making Food Fun and Hassle-Free
    By Robert Rosenthal
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    There is a new kind of dad, and he’s doing far more domestic duty than at any time in history, including cooking. Although it’s written with a sense of humor, this book is a serious resource for dads and anyone else interested in upping their game to make great tasting food at home, even if they have... [READ MORE]
    Fix-It and Forget-It Baking with Your Slow Cooker
    150 Slow Cooker Recipes for Breads, Pizza, Cakes, Tarts, Crisps, Bars, Pies, Cupcakes, and More!
    By Phyllis Good
    (Good Books)
    You knew that slow cookers make delicious soups and stews, but did you know that they also make soft and chewy cookies, gooey bars, fluffy cakes, and moist breads? The beloved Fix-It and Forget-It series has sold nearly eleven million copies, giving home cooks around the world exactly what they crave—recipes... [READ MORE]
    Fix-It and Forget-It Box Set
    3 Slow Cooker Classics in 1 Deluxe Gift Set
    By Phyllis Good
    (Good Books)
    For the first time, Phyllis Good’s classic slow cooker cookbooks are available in a beautiful, deluxe gift set! Featuring more than 1,800 recipes, each set includes three of her bestselling titles:Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook has sold nearly 5 million copies. This Revised & Updated edition features... [READ MORE]
    Lancaster Central Market Cookbook
    25th Anniversary Edition
    By Phyllis Good
    (Good Books)
    Central Market, just off the main square in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is the oldest continually operating farmer’s market in the US. It absolutely bursts with life every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday of the year, when it throws open its doors to its loyal shoppers.The stand holders are a mix... [READ MORE]
    Baking with Whole Grains
    Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for Baking Cookies, Cakes, Scones, Pies, Pizza, Breads, and More!
    By Valerie Baer
    (Good Books)
    Valerie Baer has developed recipes that turn into unforgettable baked wonders. But just as amazing as her recipes is her ability to explain how any one of us can make these delicious breads and desserts ourselves. Valerie is a genius baker. She is equally a genius teacher. Valerie and her husband grow... [READ MORE]
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