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    The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream
    Over 300 Gelatos, Sorbets, Cakes & More
    By Jan Hedh, By (photographer) Klas Andersson
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Have you ever wondered what wine to pair with that scoop of ice cream? Master baker and chef Jan Hedh answers every ice cream–related question you never knew you had in The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Ice Cream. This cookbook contains both basic and complex recipes for cold, creamy treats with flavors... [READ MORE]
    The Wilderness Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking
    By Kate Rowinski
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Dutch ovens have always been a feature of American cooking—many generations of campers, Boy Scouts, and outdoors adventurers have enjoyed the delicious experience of a home-cooked meal around the campfire, thanks to their trusty Dutch oven. Now you can do the same with this new collection of seventyfive... [READ MORE]
    The Ultimate Guide to Making Chili
    Easy and Delicious Recipes to Spice Up Your Diet
    By Kate Rowinski
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    There is an endearing quality and nostalgia about the thoughts that are conjured up when one contemplates eating a nice, warm bowl of chili during the summer or winter. Chili recipes are often well-guarded secrets, passed down from one cook’s recipe file to another’s for decades, from generation to generation.... [READ MORE]
    Vegan a la Mode
    More Than 100 Frozen Treats Made from Almond, Coconut, and Other Dairy-Free Milks
    By Hannah Kaminsky
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Hannah Kaminsky has developed an international following for her delicious vegan recipes and mouthwatering food photography. Here she shares more than 100 of her best frozen dessert recipes, including coconut chai ice cream, blood orange frozen yogurt, pink pomegranate marble gelato, chocolate sorbetto,... [READ MORE]
    Vegan Desserts
    Sumptuous Sweets for Every Season
    By Hannah Kaminsky
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Featuring more than one hundred simple but scrumptious recipes, Vegan Desserts offers alternatives to treats that are normally heavily laden with butter, eggs, and other animal products. With an emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, this is a cookbook that any dessert lover will enjoy. Kaminsky... [READ MORE]
    The Ultimate Sports Fans' Cookbook
    Festive Recipes for Inside the Home and Outside the Stadium
    By David Bowers
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Rare is the sports fan who does not enjoy a basketball game, baseball matchup, hockey battle, or football duel in the company of friends and . . .… food! In The Ultimate Sports Fans’ Cookbook, Bowers includes 50 fifty recipes, organized by sporting event, which that can be prepared for the big game.... [READ MORE]
    Vegan Vitality
    Your Complete Guide to an Active, Healthy, Plant-Based Lifestyle
    By Karina Inkster, Foreword by Robert Cheeke
    (Helios Press)
    A guide to veganism for active lifestyles—with one hundred delicious recipes. The culture of food in North America is changing—and fast. More than eight million North Americans choose to exclude meat from their diets, and an additional twenty-five million rarely eat meat. Many of these individuals consume... [READ MORE]
    The Vegetarian Chef
    Mastering the Art of Recipe-Free Cooking
    By Susan Crowther
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Mastering the Art of Recipe-Free Cooking “This information-packed book—part memoir, part recipe-free instruction—hums with the conviction of a talented, knowledgeable cook.” —Crescent Dragonwagon, James Beard Award-winning author Thanks to the constant availability of takeout, frozen dinners, and fast... [READ MORE]
    Vegetarian Comfort Foods
    The Happy Healthy Gut Guide to Delicious Plant-Based Cooking
    By Jennifer Browne
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    The Happy Healthy Gut Guide to Delicious Plant-Based Cooking More than seventy-five recipes to nourish your body and soul Food is the mind and body’s single-most important form of nourishment. Our bodies’ capacity for growth and repair directly correlates to the fuel we put into it, and food is that... [READ MORE]
    The Ultimate Guide to Smoking Meat, Fish, and Game
    How to Make Everything from Delicious Meals to Tasty Treats
    By Monte Burch
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    In an easy to follow manner, writer-outdoorsman Monte Burch explains how to properly preserve meat in a way that is both delicious and healthy. Whether you get your meat from a grocery store or hunt it in the wild, The Ultimate Guide to Smoking Meat, Fish, and Game will teach you how to smoke such animals... [READ MORE]
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