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    Cheese Making
    By Rita Ash
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Whether it’s moving to the country and starting over on a whim or just making city- living a little simpler and easier, the “Green” movement is changing the way we live our day- to-day lives. Skyhorse's Self-Sufficiency handbooks are meant to help—offering advice on what to do, how to do it better, and... [READ MORE]
    Little Kitchen
    40 Delicious and Simple Things That Children Can Really Make
    By Sabrina Parrini
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Little Kitchen is a beautifully designed and photographed collection of forty tried-and-true recipes for budding chefs. Author Sabrina Parrini takes aspiring young cooks through a plethora of sweet and savory recipes and guides them in finding the joy in every part of the meal, from buying and preparing... [READ MORE]
    Peanut Butter Comfort
    Recipes for Breakfasts, Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, Candies, and Frozen Treats Featuring America's Favorite Spread
    By Averie Sunshine
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Full of decadent cakes, cookies, and candies, Peanut Butter Comfort is a delicious departure from your mother’s PB&J. Here are recipes that showcase the rich, unmistakable flavor of peanut butter that we all love, as well as treats that highlight its subtlety and undeniable baking value. Averie Sunshine... [READ MORE]
    Cooking Together
    Real Food for the Whole Family
    By Sara Begner
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Sara Begner’s requirements are simple: free your mind in the kitchen and bring your appetite. This family cookbook requires no new cooking skills, no magic tricks, and no weird ingredients. Whether you’re watching ingredients melt together with Begner’s mouthwatering pizza, taking in the aroma of chocolate... [READ MORE]
    The Art of Baking Bread
    What You Really Need to Know to Make Great Bread
    By Matt Pellegrini
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Sidestep years of unwarranted trial and error and learn to bake like a professional without having to go to school, read book after book, or spend countless hours scouring the internet searching for answers to your most pressing questions. With over 230 color photographs, more than 150 detailed step-by-step... [READ MORE]
    The Vegetarian's Bible
    350 Quick, Practical, and Nutritious Recipes
    By Inga-Britta Sundqvist
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    If you’re craving fresh, nourishing food that will help you lose weight, get more energy, and revitalize your health, look no further than The Vegetarian's Bible. These classic vegetarian dishes utilize seasonal ingredients that are great for both your health and the environment. Vegetables are an essential... [READ MORE]
    The Food Allergy Cookbook
    A Guide to Living with Allergies and Entertaining with Healthy, Delicious Meals
    By Carmel Nelson, By Amra Ibrisimovic
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    More than 11 million Americans are living with food allergies, including authors Carmel Nelson and Amra Ibrisimovic. With The Food Allergy Cookbook, the duo presents 101 tried and true recipes for foods from white bean artichoke dip, cream of mushroom soup, and cinnamon rolls to chicken pot pie, cranberry... [READ MORE]
    Vegan à la Mode
    More Than 100 Frozen Treats Made from Almond, Coconut, and Other Dairy-Free Milks
    By (photographer) Hannah Kaminsky
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Ice cream, ice cream, everywhere, and not a drop of dairy to be found! Who knew that making frozen treats would be so easy, fun, and even healthy? With Vegan à la Mode, you will learn to substitute dairy with various nondairy products such as coconut-, soy-, and almond-based milks and margarines. Recreate... [READ MORE]
    Homemade Cakes
    Traditional and Classic Cakes, Cookies, and Tarts from Grandma's Kitchen to Yours
    By Kari Finngaard
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Fix-It and Forget-It Slow Cooker Magic
    550 Amazing Everyday Recipes
    By Phyllis Good
    (Good Books)
    The newest addition to the New York Times bestselling Fix-It and Forget-It series! The beloved Fix-It and Forget-It series has sold nearly 11 million copies, giving home cooks around the world exactly what they crave—recipes for delicious, satisfying meals that anyone can make with simple ingredients... [READ MORE]
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