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    How to Start a Faux Painting or Mural Business
    By Rebecca F. Pittman
    (Allworth Press)
    This second edition is updated and expanded to cover better ways to advertise, innovative supplies (such as Venetian plasters and stained cements), unique bidding and studio setups required for new plasters and varnishes, the use of the Internet both for marketing and shopping for materials, new product... [READ MORE]
    The Encyclopedia of Monograms
    By Leonard G. Lee
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Monograms, once indicators of social or commercial exclusiveness, are now symbols of creativity, testaments to the idea that everyone deserves to individualize his or her own things. The remarkable Encyclopedia of Monograms—filled with over 11,000 handsomely engraved initials, ciphers, crests, insignias,... [READ MORE]
    Fun with Yarn and Fabric
    More Than 50 Easy and Fun Projects to Sew, Crochet
    By Susanna Zacke, By Sania Hedengren, By (photographer) Magnus Selander
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Color schemes; design themes; the expense of knickknacks, curtains, and bedclothes—decorating a household can be an intimidating prospect! Why not let your imagination (and your love of color) roam free? Unleash your creativity through sewing, crochet, and embroidery. With more than fifty do-it-yourself... [READ MORE]
    How to Make the Best Bracelets, Lanyards, Key Chains, Buckles, and More
    By Todd Mikkelsen
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Todd Mikkelsen's Paracord! offers a diverse collection of projects that utilize parachute cords—known around the world as paracord. Used by paratroopers and other military personnel during World War II, this lightweight nylon rope is now one of the most sought-after materials by crafters. Its durability... [READ MORE]
    Creating with Concrete and Mosaic
    Fun and Decorative Ideas for Your Home and Garden
    By Sania Hedengren, By Susanna Zacke
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Casting in concrete is an exciting project that is both enjoyable and practical. You can create all sorts of decorations and furniture for your home that are sure to be the envy of all your neighbors. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Concrete lends itself to many unique and exquisite projects,... [READ MORE]
    Elite Weapons for LEGO Fanatics
    Build Working Handcuffs, Body Armor, Batons, Sunglasses, and the World's Hardest Hitting Brick Guns
    By Martin Hüdepohl
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    The last LEGO brick weapon construction book and design guide you’ll ever need, Elite Weapons for LEGO Fanatics features building instructions for thirteen fully functional LEGO masterpieces, including the monstrous, 27-inch-long Dinosaur Superior, a fully automatic combat rifle that can puncture aluminum... [READ MORE]
    The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book
    By Joan Wiener Bordow, By Sharon Rosenberg
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Here is the straight-up dope on how to make your own clothing. With or without patterns, machines, or fancy materials—anyone can do it! Got some old clothes that you love and that fit well? Use them as patterns for new ones. Want something new and spectacular, something that fits right along where your... [READ MORE]
    Mountain Man Skills
    Hunting, Trapping, Woodwork, and More
    By Stephen Brennan
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Crafts and Skills of the Mountain Man is a fascinating, practical guide to the skills that have made the mountain men famous worldwide as outdoorsmen and craftsmen. Readers can replicate outdoor living by trying a hand at making rafts and canoes, constructing tools, and living off the land.Learn key... [READ MORE]
    Made with Dad
    From Wizards’ Wands to Japanese Dolls, Craft Projects to Build, Make, and Do with Your Kids
    By Chris Barnardo
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Releasing in time for Father's Day, Made With Dad features fifty unique, fabulous projects for fathers to make with their children. Projects include everything from samurai swords to pocket-size dolls, wizard wands to paper zoos.All projects can made from affordable, easy-to-find items—often regular... [READ MORE]
    Squares and Triangles
    13 Fun Patterns For Innovating And Renovating
    By Elsie M. Campbell
    (Good Books)
    Once again, expert quilt designer Elsie Campbell presents a book of quilt patterns that are one part innovation, one part thrift, and a whole lot of fun! Squares and Triangles, the second in Campbell's "Scrap Quilt Book Series," offers 13 basic but boldly sophisticated patterns. If you're a beginner,... [READ MORE]
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