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    Grandpa Rules
    Notes on the World's Greatest Job
    By Michael Milligan, Foreword by Bill Cosby, Illustrated by Renee Reeser Zelnick
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Fourteen years ago, Mike Milligan learned he would become a grandfather for the first time. He was surprised to find that there was little or no information available on what it means to be a grandfather, how to make the most of the experience, and how to be the best grandfather possible. Sure, there... [READ MORE]
    Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism 2010-2011
    By Ken Siri, By Tony Lyons, Introduction by Mark Freilich, Afterword by Teri Arranga
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    For parents of children with autism, research is a full-time job. For parents with limited time, ability, or resources to do this, Ken Siri and Tony Lyons have compiled the latest in autism theory, research, and treatment. Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism contains contributions from more than eighty... [READ MORE]
    The Mindful Parent
    Strategies from Peaceful Cultures to Raise Compassionate, Competent Kids
    By Charlotte Peterson
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Over the last four decades, American hospitals have seen a steady increase in children suffering from psychological disorders, peer violence, and suicide attempts. To figure out why this is happening and how to put an end to it, child psychologist Dr. Charlotte Peterson has been spending six months every... [READ MORE]
    How to Heal
    A Guide for Caregivers
    By Jeff Kane
    (Allworth Press)
    The ability to heal is not reserved for a gifted few. Anyone aching to ease the suffering of a sick friend or loved one can learn to become unconditionally present to the sick person rather than to the disease. Through stories filled with compassion, wisdom, and gentle humor, Dr. Jeff Kane shows readers... [READ MORE]
    Grandma Rules
    Notes on Grandmotherhood, the World's Best Job
    By Jill Milligan, By Michael Milligan
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    A response to all those grandmother books with flowers and puppies on the cover, Grandma Rules is a book for the hip, baby boomer grandma who realizes that after all the work she put into her own kids, she can take a break and have fun with her grandkids. A perfect gift for the greatest grandmothers... [READ MORE]
    Instead of Watching TV
    99 Activities to Help Kids Unplug
    By Anna Huete
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Recent studies have shown that children in today’s world spend more than three hours daily in front of the TV. Educators suggest that this habit causes obesity and apathy in children. What can we do?Instead of Watching TV offers kids alternatives to TV or videogames. These ideas permit parents to enjoy... [READ MORE]
    Meditation for Motherhood
    Zen Meditation for Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
    By Yogi Brahmasamhara
    (Helios Press)
    Zen Meditation for Conception, Pregnancy, and BirthInspiring practices of Zen meditation for mothers and mothers-to-be.In Meditation for Motherhood Yogi Brahmasamhara presents step-by-step guidance on authentic Zen meditation, the most powerful, natural, and deeply beneficial practice available to a... [READ MORE]
    Parenting through Divorce
    Helping Your Children Thrive During and After the Split
    By Lisa René Reynolds
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Divorce has devastating effects on children. Yet for divorcing parents who carefully consider and manage the intricacies associated with this difficult time, both parents, as seen from the child’s perspective, can remain as loving and supportive as they ever were.Parenting Through Divorce concisely lays... [READ MORE]
    When your Child is 6 to 12
    Middle Childhood Is The Last Good Chance To Hold Your Child Close
    By John Drescher
    (Good Books)
    We've been over-run with child-rearing manuals for infants. We've been swamped with advice for relating to teens. But little has been offered to parents whose children are in middle childhood! John. M. Drescher, a wise voice in the field of parenting literature (whose books have sold more than 400,000... [READ MORE]
    El Pequeno Libro De La Justicia Restaurativa
    Principios De Una Justicia Trasnformadora Presentados Por Uno De Sus Mas Renombr
    By Howard Zehr
    (Good Books)
    Because of repeated requests from buyers and from those who work in this field, we are making this top-selling book available to Spanish readers. How should we as a society respond to wrongdoing? When a crime occurs or an injustice is done, what needs to happen? What does justice require? "Victims, offenders,... [READ MORE]
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