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    Naked Marriage
    How to Have a Lifetime of Love, Sex, Joy, and Happiness
    By JoAnneh Nagler
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    A road map to having a vibrant, long-term love affair. Marriage is an exercise in busy. It’s not—by any stretch of the imagination—a spontaneous experience. Unlike the dating years, when we willingly flung every responsibility to the wind to be in our lover’s arms, marriage conspires to pull us earth-bound,... [READ MORE]
    Hurtling Toward Happiness
    A Mother and Teenage Son’s Road Trip from Blues to Bonding In a Really Small Car
    By Claudia Hunter Johnson
    (Arcade Publishing)
    The Funny, Wise, Bighearted Story of a Bonding Road Trip—and the Healing Power of Human Connection When Claudia's sixteen-year-old son, Ross, announces he's quitting high school and leaving home a year early, she panics because they're so disconnected she's afraid she'll lose him forever. Then a small... [READ MORE]
    Growing Up in New York City
    Prep School, Prison, and Frank's Pizza Parlor
    By Howard Freeman
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Boisterous on the subway and bumping into commuters on their way home from work, or excitedly talking in huddles on street corners near their high school or in front of a pizza parlor, teenagers in New York City haven't changed much in fifty years, when the author grew up on the Upper East Side. Today's... [READ MORE]
    A Daughter's Emergence from Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents
    By Lori Ashley Taylor, Foreword by Jennifer O'Toole
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    A parent's guide to helping children with autism maximize their potential. Over a decade ago, an autism diagnosis had confined Lori Ashley Taylor's daughter Hannah to an inaccessible world. Lori became a tireless researcher, worker, and advocate, and her dedication showed results. There can be progression... [READ MORE]
    The Smart Parent's Guide to Raising Vegan Kids
    Lessons for Littles in Plant-Based Eating and Compassionate Living
    By Eric C. Lindstrom
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    The definitive handbook to raising vegan children you’ve always wished you had. Is bringing up a vegan baby unhealthy? The Smart Parent's Guide to Raising Vegan Kids is the ultimate vegan parenting manifesto that takes on this myth and answers all the other questions you’ve always wondered about—the... [READ MORE]
    My Feelings and Me
    By Holde Kreul, Illustrated by Dagmar Geisler
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Do you know your own feelings? Sometimes, we're happy, so we laugh and shout with glee. Other times, we're angry, and want to rage and roar. It is not easy to deal with our many contradictory emotions. To recognize our own feelings and deal with them responsibly is an important learning process for children,... [READ MORE]
    I Won't Go With Strangers
    By Dagmar Geisler
    (Sky Pony Press)
    When Lu is waiting alone outside school to be picked up after almost all the other children are already gone, various adults -- all of whom she's met in some capacity before -- offer to take her home. But she refuses. She doesn't really know any of them, as she illustrates by asking herself questions... [READ MORE]
    Say No to Placenta Pics
    And Other Hilarious, Unsolicited Advice for Pregnant Women
    By Jillian M. Parsons, With Allison Baerken
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Two Best Friends Make It through a Pregnancy, with All its Gut-Busting Hilarity and Gross Bits Maternity isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and natural glows. It’s also elastic waistbands, hot flashes, and throbbing breasts! When Jillian Parsons’s best friend forever, Allison Baerken, finds herself knocked... [READ MORE]
    Rainbow Relatives
    Real-World Stories and Advice on How to Talk to Kids About LGBTQ+ Families and Friends
    By Sudi "Rick" Karatas
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Whether you have your own questions because you’re preparing to come out to your kids, or you aren’t sure how to explain to your kids why their uncle has a boyfriend or why their friend has two mommies, this book can help. With an entertaining and educational approach to educating yourself and your peers... [READ MORE]
    The Whole Pregnancy
    A Complete Nutrition Plan for Gluten-Free Moms to Be
    By Aimee Aristotelous, Foreword by Dr. Kenneth Akey, MD
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    We all know that "you are what you eat." And once you conceive, your baby is what you eat as well—prenatal health and nutrition during pregnancy is so imperative! The US is one of only eight countries in the world where the rate of mortality for pregnant women is on the rise, and obesity is one of the... [READ MORE]
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