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    Color This Journal
    Your Daily Record with Restorative Reminders and Relaxing Illustrations to Color
    By Racehorse Publishing
    (Racehorse Publishing)
    Uplifting quotes and stress-relieving designs will bring you to a whole new state of mindfulness.... [READ MORE]
    Easy Color, Cut, and Fold Colorful Cats
    30 Creative Cut-Out Projects for Everyone
    By Mary Beth Cryan
    (Racehorse Publishing)
    Cats rule. There’s no denying it: These furry friends make some of the best pets in the world. They’ve also proven to be some of the best and most popular designs for adult coloring. If you haven’t noticed, cats seem to be the least stressed animals around. Whether they are loafing on the couch or sashaying... [READ MORE]
    Easy Color, Cut, and Fold Mystical Mandalas
    15 Creative Cut-Out Projects for Everyone
    By Mary Beth Cryan
    (Racehorse Publishing)
    Mandalas have exploded into the adult coloring book world. These designs—with their tranquil tones, aesthetically pleasing symmetry, beautiful ornamentation, and peaceful symbolism—have helped people of all ages relax and de-stress. But who said they have been limited to the two dimensional world? Introducing... [READ MORE]
    Mensa's® Super-Strength Mind Benders
    100 Logic Games, Sudoku, and Other Teasers to Exercise Your Mind
    By David Millar
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Don’t miss out on the second installment in the brand-new brain game series following Mensa’s Brilliant Brain Workouts. Here you’ll find even more puzzles, riddles, and logic games to fine-tune your skills, while simultaneously helping your mental health by improving concentration, creativity, memory,... [READ MORE]
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