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    Flowers in the Blood
    The Story of Opium
    By Jeff Goldberg, With Dean Latimer, Introduction by William Burroughs
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    The incredible and complex history of opium throughout the world.Opium has played a dramatic and varied role in human history, inspiring religious veneration, scientific exploration, the bitterest rancor, and the most fanciful ecstasy. Now, authors Jeff Goldberg and Dean Latimer have provided a complete,... [READ MORE]
    Looking for Mr. Smith
    A Quest for Truth Behind The Long Walk, the Greatest Survival Story Ever Told
    By Linda Willis
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Learn the facts behind the blockbuster film The Way Back.Since 1956, The Long Walk has been, for many, the symbol of an immense love of freedom and has become one of the greatest true-life adventure stories of all time. The harrowing story about a group of POWs who escaped a labor camp in Siberia and... [READ MORE]
    Old Sparky
    The Electric Chair and the History of the Death Penalty
    By Anthony Galvin
    (Carrel Books)
    In early 2013, Robert Gleason became the latest victim of the electric chair, a peculiarly American execution method. Shouting Pog mo thin ("Kiss my ass" in Gaelic) he grinned electricity shot through his system. When the current was switched off his body slumped against the leather restraints, and Gleeson,... [READ MORE]
    Our Crime Was Being Jewish
    Hundreds of Holocaust Survivors Tell Their Stories
    By Anthony S. Pitch, Foreword by Michael Berenbaum
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    In the shouted words of a woman bound for Auschwitz to a man about to escape from a cattle car, “If you get out, maybe you can tell the story! Who else will tell it?” Our Crime Was Being Jewish contains 576 vivid memories of 358 Holocaust survivors. These are the true, insider stories of victims, told... [READ MORE]
    November 22, 1963
    Reflections on the Life, Assassination, and Legacy of John F. Kennedy
    Foreword by Helen Thomas, By Dean R. Owen
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Gripping, personal stories about the life and death of President Kennedy.In November 22, 1963, Dean Owen curates a fascinating collection of interviews and thought-provoking commentaries from notable men and women connected to that notorious Friday afternoon. Those who worked closely with the president,... [READ MORE]
    Strange and Obscure Stories of the Revolutionary War
    By Tim Rowland
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Astonishing Events from the American Revolution That They Don’t Teach in School!We all know about Washington’s crossing of the Delaware and Betsy Ross’s stitching together the Stars and Stripes, but how about a little-known, valid reason for the war itself and why General George was able to survive a... [READ MORE]
    My Life as an Indian
    The Story of a Red Woman and a White Man in the Lodges of the Blackfeet
    By J. W. Schultz
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    A fascinating memoir of a white man who gained access to the private lives of the Blackfeet Indians.First published in 1907, My Life as an Indian is the memoir of J. W. Schultz’s life as a young white man among the Piegan Blackfeet in the Montana Territory. Inspired by the journals of Lewis and Clark... [READ MORE]
    Heroes Beneath the Waves
    True Submarine Stories of the Twentieth Century
    By Mary Nida Smith
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    The unbelievable stories of the heroic men who sailed under the sea. In Heroes Beneath the Waves, many brave men who rode submarines to great depths and across the oceans into unknown territory share their experiences, fears, and thoughts. They allow us to travel back in time through their memories.... [READ MORE]
    Silent Service
    Submarine Warfare from World War II to the Present—An Illustrated and Oral History
    By Philip Kaplan
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    See the secret and dangerous world of submarine life and warfare like never before.From the ingenious but impractical designs of seventeenth-century inventors through the nuclear-powered submarines of today, this heavily illustrated volume traces the history of the silent force and the elite corps of... [READ MORE]
    The Last Jews of Kerala
    The Two Thousand Year History of India's Forgotten Jewish Community
    By Edna Fernandes
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Two thousand years ago, trade routes and the fall of Jerusalem took Jewish settlers seeking sanctuary across Europe and Asia. One little-known group settled in Kerala, in tropical southwestern India. Eventually numbering in the thousands, with eight synagogues, they prospered. Some came to possess vast... [READ MORE]
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