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    The Emergency Pantry Handbook
    How to Prepare Your Family for Just about Everything
    By Kate Rowinski, By (photographer) Jim Rowinski
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    In today’s world, anything can happen—medical emergencies, power outages, natural disasters. In less time than it takes to sign off on an insurance form, the world as we know it can be brought to a standstill. There can be no question: It’s best to be prepared. The Emergency Pantry Handbook by cooking... [READ MORE]
    The Grow Your Own Food Handbook
    A Back to Basics Guide to Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables
    By Monte Burch
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Growing your own food is a hot topic today because of the high cost of transporting food long distances, the heightened problem of diseases caused by commercially grown foods, concerns of the overuse of chemicals in mass food production, and the uncertain health effects of GMOs. Many people—from White... [READ MORE]
    Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Homes and Bungalows
    By Gustav Stickley
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    In 1901, Gustav Stickley began to create the first uniquely American style of furniture and home design—known as Craftsman. Stickley's principles of home design include construction that is in harmony with its landscape, open floor plans, built-in storage, and natural lighting. He was a major influence... [READ MORE]
    Living Off the Grid
    A Simple Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Self-Reliant Supply of Energy, Water, Shelter, and More
    By David Black
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    In daily life, we can take control of the resources and services we depend on. Electricity and energy don’t have to come off the public utility grid—alternatives abound in solar, wind, and water generated power. Design decisions can drastically affect power consumption, and bio-diesel and alternative... [READ MORE]
    Household Cleaning
    By Rachelle Strauss
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Most conventional store-bought cleaning products are packed full of chemicals, many of which are harmful to the environment and your health, let alone your wallet. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that your kitchen cupboard already stocks the alternative supplies you’ll need to transform your... [READ MORE]
    How to Build Your Dream Cabin in the Woods
    The Ultimate Guide to Building and Maintaining a Backcountry Getaway
    By J. Wayne Fears
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Here is the ultimate resource for finally turning your dream into reality. With photos, blueprints, and diagrams, Fears thoroughly covers the process of constructing the cabin you’ve always wanted. From buying land, construction materials, deciding on lighting, the water system, and on-site constructions—such... [READ MORE]
    Fences, Gates, and Bridges
    And How to Make Them
    Edited by George A. Martin
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    First published in 1887, Fences, Gates, and Bridges is an instructional guide to the best ways to build a variety of fences, gates, hedges, bridges, and culverts. The section on fences boasts a wealth of information on building various types of fences, including rail, composite, garden, board, and picket.... [READ MORE]
    Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties
    And How to Make Them
    By D. C. Beard
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Nineteenth-century building advice that is eminently practical in the twenty-first century. 330 b/w illustrations... [READ MORE]
    Maximizing Your Mini Farm
    Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre
    By Brett L. Markham
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Mini farming describes a holistic approach to small-area farming that will show you how to produce 85 percent of an average family’s food on just a quarter acre—and earn $10,000 in cash annually while spending less than half the time that an ordinary job would require. Now expanding exponentially on... [READ MORE]
    The Nautical Home
    Coastline-Inspired Ideas to Decorate with Seaside Spirit
    By Anna Örnberg
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Are you a beach bum, a beach lover, or simply just a fan of the water? If you find yourself constantly longing for a relaxing vacation along the sandy shores of Tahiti or yearning to go on a coast-to-coast cruise, look no further. Interior designer Anna Örnberg has all the solutions to bring the waves... [READ MORE]
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