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    The Horse in My Garage and Other Stories
    By Patrick F. McManus
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    The Horse in My Garage and Other Stories is a hilarious addition to Patrick F. McManus’s existing work in humor. The author weighs in on his childhood, everyday life, and outdoor tales. His typical exaggerated commentary will elicit a belly laugh from all types of readers.Read about the antics of Patrick’s... [READ MORE]
    Now for the Disappointing Part
    A Pseudo-Adult’s Decade of Short-Term Jobs, Long-Term Relationships, and Holding Out for Something Better
    By Steven Barker
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    True stories from the world of temporary employment for anyone terrified of being stuck in a job they hate. When Steven Barker was twelve, his father, in pursuit of the American Dream, moved the family from Canada to Connecticut, having worked his way up from an IBM mailroom to landing a vice president... [READ MORE]
    The Adorable Circle of Life
    A Cute Celebration of Savage Predators and Their Hopeless Prey
    Illustrated by Alex Solis
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Savage. Menacing. Ruthless.Predators get a pretty bad rap. Sure, they prey on helpless animals that never stand a chance, but behind those jagged teeth, powerful jaws, and razor-sharp claws, every predator has a softer side. Maybe even an adorable one.Everyone has compassion for the cute bunny or lamb.... [READ MORE]
    The Smart Words and Wicked Wit of Jane Austen
    Edited by Max Morris
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    “Wisdom is better than wit,” said Jane Austen in a letter to Fanny Knight, “and in the long run will certainly have the laugh on her side.” Have you ever wanted to contribute to a discussion with an astute observation on unrequited love? Give advice to a peer on how to dress for a night out? Or end an... [READ MORE]
    The Smart Words and Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill
    Edited by Max Morris
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    “For myself I am an optimist,” said legendary British politician Winston Churchill. “It does not seem to be much use being anything else.” Have you ever wanted to deliver the ultimate Churchillian wisecrack? Give sound advice to a peer on how to deal with life’s problems? Or contribute to a heated discussion... [READ MORE]
    The Snark Bible
    A Reference Guide to Verbal Sparring, Comebacks, Irony, Insults, and So Much More
    By Lawrence Dorfman
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Offer praise at the altar of snarkiness! The lord of snark, Lawrence Dorfman, is back! With this treasury of backhanded compliments, sarcastic insults, and catty comebacks, Dorfman gives us transformative wisdom that’s sure to change your life—or at least induce a light chuckle. One question plagues... [READ MORE]
    The Girl in the Show
    Three Generations of Comedy, Culture, and Feminism
    By Anna Fields
    (Arcade Publishing)
    For fans of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer—and every other “funny woman”—comes a candid feminist comedy manifesto exploring the sisterhood between women’s comedy and women’s liberation. “I’m not funny at all. What I am is brave.” —Lucille Ball From female pop culture powerhouses dominating the entertainment... [READ MORE]
    The Complete Book of Dutch-ified English
    An “Inwaluable” Introduction to an “Enchoyable” Accent of the “Inklish Lankwitch”
    By Gary Gates
    (Good Books)
    Here is a book for anyone tired of speaking flat, colorless, homogenized English. Pennsylvania Dutchman Gary Gates provides a glossary, read-aloud section, songs, recipes, and more in this delightful, “inwaluable” introduction to Dutch-ified English.Learn the meaning of “rutch” and “spritz,” what a “clod”... [READ MORE]
    How Great Is Your Guy?
    Test His Relationship IQ and See If He's a Lover or a Loser
    By Sarah Christensen Fu, Illustrated by Katie Abey
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Fortunately, courtship has evolved a bit since the caveman era. Men no longer court their chosen mate with displays of hunting and speed and a heft over the shoulder to stir up some Paleolithic-style cave romance. For today’s modern male to pass muster, he must be a master of the remote control, a connoisseur... [READ MORE]
    How Great Is Your Gal?
    Test Her Relationship IQ and See If She's a Dream or a Disaster
    By Sarah Christensen Fu, Illustrated by Katie Abey
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Women aren’t just home baking cookies in high heels and perfect makeup these days. Today’s modern woman wears many hats: boardroom bulldog, Little League cheerleader, BFF confidante, and flawless partner. The right girlfriend or wife can change your life, be your best friend, playmate, hot date, or your... [READ MORE]
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