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    Snark! The Herald Angels Sing
    Sarcasm, Bitterness and the Holiday Season
    By Lawrence Dorfman
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Bah! Humbug! It’s that time of year again….Time to spend too much, drink too much, eat too much, smile falsely, dig down deep to try and find “good cheer,” battle crowds, try to find parking in over-crowded lots, ignore surly clerks, bartenders, waiters, valets, and parking lot attendants, all in the... [READ MORE]
    The Snark Handbook: Politics and Government Edition
    Gridlock, Red Tape, and Other Insults to We the People
    By Lawrence Dorfman
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Another political year is upon us . . . a year in which we elect another useless figurehead to piss off the masses, confuse the classes, and, above all, reward the jackasses. It will be a time of fear, angst, and anger, the perfect moment for The Snark Handbook: Politics and Government Edition. Filled... [READ MORE]
    Things Stoned People Say
    By Morton Carter
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    No one remembers what they say when they’re high. Even when they can, their meanderings don’t have the same spontaneity and gravitas that lead to wisdom or a “higher” understanding. More often than not the outright comedic timing and authenticity is lost in the translation between sober and stoned immaculate.Lucky... [READ MORE]
    Rage Against the Machine, Your Boss, Your Bills, and Everything Else
    A How-To Guide to Small Acts of Revolt, Revenge, and Revolution
    By Ronald Lewis
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Tired of paying hundreds of dollars for a cell phone contract? Always end up with what seems like dozens of electrics accessories when all you wanted was a TV? Find yourself constantly stalked by telemarketers? Let this book teach you how to deal with all of those frustrations and more! A lot of people... [READ MORE]
    Sean Delonas: The Ones They Didn't Print and Some of the Ones They Did
    201 Cartoons
    By Sean Delonas
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Page Six in the New York Post is a must-read for any New Yorker interested in the latest celebrity gossip, political scandal, or general dirt about the rich and famous. For almost a quarter of a century, the middle of Page Six was filled with the cartoons of Sean Delonas, and now, for the first time... [READ MORE]
    Things Drunk People Say
    Edited by Kathleen Go
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    This is a collection of sometimes crass, always absurd, drunk quotes—ranging from the tipsy: “What did I tell you my name was?” “This shot has the faint smell of public restroom.” “This bar is as hot as uterus!” “I’m way too broke to be this wasted!” “Mom! Someone’s fucking in the bathroom again.” “What?... [READ MORE]
    Dad Rules
    Notes on Fatherhood, the World's Best Job
    By Michael Milligan, By Tom Lynch
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Following on the heels of his successful book on grandfatherhood (Grandpa Rules), veteran comedy writer Michael Milligan set his sights on the joys and stresses of fatherhood. A response to all those dad books full of empty platitudes and hokey lessons, Dad Rules is a book for the hip dad who can use... [READ MORE]
    The Code of the Zombie Pirate
    How to Become an Undead Master of the High Seas
    By Scott Kenemore
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Set in the Caribbean of the eighteenth century, the epicenter of piracy, voodoo, and the dark arts, The Code of the Zombie Pirate reveals all the secrets to selecting, customizing, and managing a motley crew of pirates-cum-zombies. Imagine the consequences of pirates who have crossed the line to immortality:... [READ MORE]
    There Was a Young Man from Nantucket
    1,001 Lewd Limericks Guaranteed to Amuse and Offend
    By Ronald Stanza
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Here now is a steamy collection Of limericks rare. Each selection Will run for five lines, Contain marvelous rhymes— Detailing sex acts of subtle complexion. Some readers may think that it’s crude To offer for sale what is lewd But if you’re offended By what is appended, We’ll say what you are; you’re... [READ MORE]
    The Snark Handbook: Clichés Edition
    Overused Buzzwords, Hackneyed Phrases, and Other Misuses of the English Language
    By Lawrence Dorfman
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    CLICHÉ: nounEtymology: French, literally, printer's stereotype, from past participle of clichér, to stereotype, of imitative originDate: 18921 : a trite phrase or expression; also : the idea expressed by it2 : a hackneyed theme, characterization, or situation3 : something that has become overly familiar... [READ MORE]
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