Juvenile Nonfiction

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    Make Your Own Amazing YouTube Videos
    Learn How to Film, Edit, and Upload Quality Videos to YouTube
    By Brett Juilly
    (Racehorse for Young Readers)
    Have you ever wondered what qualities a video needs to possess in order to captivate the great audience that is the internet? What does it need to reach the seemingly impossible goal of becoming a viral video? Well, you’re in luck. Make Your Own Amazing YouTube Videos is a new guide for users to learn... [READ MORE]
    Superheroes of the Constitution
    Action and Adventure Stories About Real-Life Heroes
    By J.M. Bedell, Illustrated by Bill Greenhead
    (Racehorse for Young Readers)
    Superheroes of the Constitution tells the stories of the protectors of liberty and the avengers of justice of the United States. From George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth, each of these heroes used their very own super powers of truth, justice, and tenacity in... [READ MORE]
    Superheroes of the Bible
    Action and Adventure Stories about Real-Life Heroes
    By Lisa Powers
    (Good Books)
    Kids ages six and up will love this exciting comic-book style collection depicting ten of the greatest superheroes of the Bible. Each short story tells the tale of one biblical hero fighting against the odds, battling foes, and/or enduring great tests of faith and strength to prevail in the name of the... [READ MORE]
    My First Book of Psalms
    By Susan Jones
    (Good Books)
    This full-color, illustrated book of Psalms helps parents teach their children the beauty of these traditional songs of praise. With a treasured Psalm featured on every spread along with a simple, kid-friendly explanation to help clarify the Psalm’s meaning, this book is the perfect way for kids to gain... [READ MORE]
    The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Robloxing
    Everything You Need to Know to Build Awesome Games!
    By Christina Majaski
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Know-It-All Trivia Book for Minecrafters
    Over 800 Amazing Facts and Insider Secrets
    By Brian Boone, Illustrated by Amanda Brack
    (Sky Pony Press)
    The Unofficial Minecrafters Master Builder Workshop
    By Megan Miller
    (Sky Pony Press)
    The Unofficial Minecrafters Master Builder Workshop is the fun and easy starting guide to making your own Minecraft builds! Helping you learn how to make all the cool builds you’ve seen online, this book comes packed with hundreds of step-by-step photos and instructions to make tinkering in your master... [READ MORE]
    Math Facts for Minecrafters: Multiplication and Division
    By Sky Pony, Illustrated by Bill Greenhead
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Math Facts for Minecrafters: Addition and Subtraction
    By Sky Pony, Illustrated by Amanda Brack
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Learn to Draw Animals
    How to Draw Like an Artist in 5 Easy Steps
    By Diego Jourdan Pereira
    (Racehorse for Young Readers)
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