Juvenile Nonfiction

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    Reading Success for Minecrafters: Grades 3-4
    By Sky Pony, Illustrated by Amanda Brack
    (Sky Pony Press)
    STEM Starters for Kids Technology Activity Book
    By Catherine Bruzzone, Designed by Vicky Barker
    (Racehorse for Young Readers)
    Technology is science in action. Little learners can discover more at home by reading the simple explanations and doing the beautifully illustrated activities on each page. This is a terrifically technological treat that will start a lifelong passion for STEM subjects.... [READ MORE]
    Making Paper Airplanes
    Fold Your Own Aircraft and Watch Them Fly!
    By David Woodroffe
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Choose from ninety-one different models and build and fly your very own paper airplane. Now, any kid can turn a stack of paper into his or her own private air force! Making Paper Airplanes is your complete reference packed with colorful diagrams, graphics, and instructions, featuring ninety-one gravity-defying... [READ MORE]
    Minecrafter Engineer
    Must-Have Starter Farms
    By Megan Miller
    (Sky Pony Press)
    The Engineering for Minecrafters series is designed to encourage creativity and problem-solving skills in kids who love building in Minecraft. Each book helps players work within the physics of the game to build clever farms, ultra-efficient railways, automated redstone-fueled contraptions, and more.... [READ MORE]
    Belly Laugh Fart Jokes for Kids
    350 Hilarious Fart Jokes
    By Sky Pony Press, Illustrated by Alex Paterson
    (Sky Pony Press)
    What do you call someone who doesn't fart in public? A private tooter! What do you call a cat that eats beans? Puss n’ Toots. Belly Laugh Fart Jokes for Kids is full of hilarious fun! From snappy one-liners to hilarious stories, this collection is complete with three hundred hilarious fart jokes for... [READ MORE]
    The Yonomicon
    The Ultimate Yo-Yo Resource
    By Mark McBride, Foreword by Steve Brown
    (Racehorse for Young Readers)
    The Yonomicon is not just a book of tricks; this is the how-to book for yo-yo enthusiasts and beginners alike. This essential guide features tons of lessons to get yo-yo novices set up as well as insider tips to help seasoned yo-yoers hone their skills. It addresses pertinent topics such as the anatomy... [READ MORE]
    Uproarious Riddles for Minecrafters
    Mobs, Ghasts, Biomes, and More
    By Brian Boone, Illustrated by Amanda Brack
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Uproarious Riddles for Minecrafters is the fifth book in the Jokes for Minecrafters series, which is complete with more than eight hundred riddles! "Dig in" to these funny brainteasers about Minecraft mobs, tools, and biomes that will really make you think! You'll have such a BLAST reading all of these... [READ MORE]
    Gut-Busting Puns for Minecrafters
    Endermen, Explosions, Withers, and More
    By Brian Boone
    (Sky Pony Press)
    It can’t get punnier than this!... [READ MORE]
    Learn to Draw Dinosaurs
    How to Draw Like an Artist in 5 Easy Steps
    By Diego Jourdan Pereira
    (Racehorse for Young Readers)
    Do you want to learn the secrets of becoming a great artist? All it takes is Do you want to learn the secrets of becoming a great artist? All it takes is following the five simple steps within the pages of this book! Connect shapes, follow the lines, and before you know it, you’ll be developing your... [READ MORE]
    The Story Bible
    By Sophie Piper, Illustrated by Ruth Rivers
    (Good Books)
    A wonderful introduction to the Christian faith for very young children and beginning readers.... [READ MORE]
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