Juvenile Nonfiction

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    Famous Phonies
    Legends, Fakes, and Frauds Who Changed History
    By Brianna DuMont
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Fakes, frauds, and phonies. Sounds like a book filled with criminals and delinquents, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. Some of the biggest names in history can be found between these pages—and the light isn’t flattering. (We’re looking at you, George “I must not tell a lie” Washington.) Famous Phonies: Legends,... [READ MORE]
    Jokes for Minecrafters
    Booby Traps, Bombs, Boo-Boos, and More
    By Michele C. Hollow, By Jordon P. Hollow, By Steven M. Hollow
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Jokes for Minecrafters: Booby Traps, Bombs, Boo-Boos, and More is the first book in the new Jokes for Minecrafters series, which celebrate the humor in Minecraft from skeleton mobs to zombie pigmen. Be prepared to laugh! No ghast or blaze is safe from being the punch line of these jokes!Inside you will... [READ MORE]
    Reggie Miller
    From Downtown
    By Joe Frisar
    (Sports Publishing)
    Reggie Miller is the NBA's all-time leader in three-pointers made and attempted. He has led the Pacers in scoring for nine straight seasons, and was the first player in team history to start an NBA All-Star Game. In 1999 Miller led the Pacers in scoring and three-pointers made and attempted, and had... [READ MORE]
    Ken Griffey, Jr.: The Home Run Kid
    By Larry Stone
    (Sports Publishing)
    An easy to read children's book chronicling the exciting career of Ken Griffey, JR.... [READ MORE]
    My First Book of Horses
    By Ingrid Andersson, Illustrated by Lena Furberg, By (photographer) Marie Paulsson-Bertmar
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    For the first-time horse owner, My First Book of Horses guides young equestrians through this very important—and fun—commitment. Beginning with a history of horses and what roles they’ve played throughout history, readers will get a full-color glimpse of horses with knights in full armor, as companions... [READ MORE]
    Doodles Dancing
    Graceful and Gorgeous Pictures to Create and Complete
    By Nellie Ryan
    (Sky Pony Press)
    From disco and ballet to mambo and hip-hop, every dancer needs a good outfit! Now you can make the ice skaters sparkle, the disco dancers boogie, and the hip-hop group pop during their performance. You can join in as dancers pirouette, jazz-step, or swing their way across the stage. Grab your art supplies,... [READ MORE]
    Doodles Pop Star
    Fabulous and Funky Pictures to Create and Complete
    By Katy Jackson
    (Sky Pony Press)
    In Doodles Pop Star, you draw the action, fromm auditions and rehearsals to sold-out concerts and dream magazine covers. Dress the stars for rocking out onstage, posing on the red carpet, and dancing in music videos—and remember those sunglasses to protect their eyes from the flash of the cameras! When... [READ MORE]
    Pasta Sauce!
    Grow Your Own Ingredients
    By Cassie Liversidge
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Spaghetti with sauce is a staple meal in many households, and now kids can learn how to make their very own tomato sauce with this step-by-step guide. Master gardener Cassie Liversidge's cut-out art accompanies simple, easy-to-understand instructions for planting and growing tomatoes, onions, peppers,... [READ MORE]
    Loom Magic!
    25 Awesome, Never-Before-Seen Designs for an Amazing Rainbow of Projects
    By John McCann, By Becky Thomas
    (Sky Pony Press)
    This book includes twenty-five new rubber band loom projects, including bracelets, sports-themed charms, key rings, pendants, and even a working slingshot. New crafters and dedicated fans will enjoy creating the wide variety of projects in this collection, including:Cell phone caseDaisy chain braceletWatch... [READ MORE]
    Walk in the Footsteps of the World's Largest Lizards
    By Leslie Mertz
    (Sky Pony Press)
    With each step you take, whether it’s outside your back door, at the edge of a nearby pond, or along a path in a national park, you may be setting down your foot in the same place that a dinosaur once did. Just imagine, dinosaurs roaming the same earth we live on today! What an amazing place our planet... [READ MORE]
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