Juvenile Fiction

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    The Gameknight999 Adventures Through Time Box Set
    Six Unofficial Minecrafter’s Adventures
    By Mark Cheverton
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Gameknight999, a former Minecraft griefer, got a big dose of virtual reality when his father’s invention teleported him into the game. Living out a dangerous adventure inside a digital world, he discovered that the Minecraft villagers were alive and needed his help to defeat the terrible endermen, zombies,... [READ MORE]
    The Runaway Pumpkin
    By Anne Lewis, Illustrated by Aaron Zenz
    (Sky Pony Press)
    A cute little Halloween pumpkin announces that he is ready for a Halloween adventure. So he prepares to set out on the exploration of a lifetime. However, his ever watchful and caring mother wants to make sure he’s prepared before he takes that first step outside. Whatever adventures he has, he is sure... [READ MORE]
    Me and Mister P
    By Maria Farrer, Illustrated by Daniel Rieley
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Arthur is fed up with his younger brother Liam getting all the attention from their parents just because he's a little bit different from other children. Arthur just wants a normal family and a normal life, where he can play soccer and hang out with friends -- without Liam always being SO embarrassing.... [READ MORE]
    No Peacocks!
    A Feathered Tale of Three Mischievous Foodies
    By Robin Newman, Illustrated by Chris Ewald
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Every day, Harry, Phil, and Jim are fed sunflower seeds by the staff who care for them at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. But one day, they decide they're sick of them. They make a break for the New York City streets in search of pizza or Chinese takeout. But everywhere they go, they're told “No... [READ MORE]
    Christmas Carol & the Defenders of Claus
    By Robert L. Fouch
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Carol really loves Christmas. The decorating and shopping, the Christmas sweaters and music—she wishes it all could be a year-round event. The only downside to the holiday is that she lives in Florida (not exactly the land of snow) and her only family is her Uncle Christopher, who adopted Carol when... [READ MORE]
    The Gift
    The Life and Times of Birdie Mae Hayes #1
    By Jeri Anne Agee, Illustrated by Bryan Langdo
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Birdie Mae Hayes has pretty much the perfect life. Her best friend Sally lives just down the street, she's becoming friends with the new boy in town, and Halloween is coming up. Her little brother Bubba drives her crazy sometimes, but whose doesn't? Except, lately, Birdie can't stop feeling like something... [READ MORE]
    Henry the Cat
    The Life and Times of Birdie Mae Hayes #2
    By Jeri Anne Agee, Illustrated by Bryan Langdo
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Birdie has a new pet—that no one else can see! Birdie Mae Hayes is getting a handle on her new gift: her ability to sense and see things before they happen. Then, one morning, a fluffy white cat appears at her window, making himself at home. Cute! She names him Henry. Only . . . no one else can see this... [READ MORE]
    By Brian Boyle, By Pamela Boyle, Illustrated by Beth Hughes
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Daisy the Bulldog has gone to every one of her owner’s triathlons. She’s proud of his athletic accomplishments, and is always there to greet him at the finish line. Daisy wonders if she could train and compete for an event like that. So she gets her doggy friends, Rascal the Dachshund, Atticus the Corgi,... [READ MORE]
    The Miracles of Jesus
    The Brick Bible for Kids
    By Brendan Powell Smith
    (Sky Pony Press)
    As in all the Brick Bible books, Brendan Powell Smith creates a magical “brick” world—all in LEGOs—to illustrate stories from the Bible that are then photographed and accompanied by a simple text. In this book, there are many stories to tell. After being baptized, and in the company of his twelve disciples,... [READ MORE]
    Ming and Her Poppy
    By Deirdre Sullivan, Illustrated by Maja Löfdahl
    (Sky Pony Press)
    The stunning companion story to Ming Goes to School. Ming and Poppy’s journey takes them over sidewalk cracks and dancing shadows, past honking horns and crowded crosswalks. They greet old friends and make new ones, while sharing stories, secrets, and the sting of painful words. And sometimes, a sweet... [READ MORE]
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