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    The Patent Guide
    How You Can Protect and Profit from Patents
    By Carl W. Battle, By Andrea D. Small
    (Allworth Press)
    Coming up with a million-dollar idea is only the first step in what might seem like a long and difficult process. In The Patent Guide, Second Edition, experienced patent attorneys Carl W. Battle and Andrea D. Small deliver basic and comprehensive advice that is easy to understand and will allow you to... [READ MORE]
    The Little Book of Restorative Justice and Racial Healing
    Coming to the Table for Truth-Telling, Liberation, and Transformation
    By Thomas Norman DeWolf, By Jodie Geddes
    (Good Books)
    People of color, relative to white people, fall on the negative side of virtually all measurable social indicators. The “living wound” is seen in the significant disparities in average household wealth, unemployment and poverty rates, infant mortality rates, access to healthcare and life expectancy,... [READ MORE]
    The Law (in Plain English) for Writers (Fifth Edition)
    By Leonard DuBoff, By Sarah Tugman
    (Allworth Press)
    “No writer, beginning or experienced, will want to be without this book.” —Jean Auel, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Clan of the Cave Bear and the Earth’s Children series A career as a writer involves much more than the act of writing itself. In The Law (in Plain English) for Writers, Fifth... [READ MORE]
    The Trademark Guide
    How You Can Protect and Profit from Trademarks (Third Edition)
    By Lee Wilson
    (Allworth Press)
    A User-Friendly Handbook on Understanding Trademarks Intellectual-property lawyer Lee Wilson, who has been studying and writing about trademark law for more than thirty years, knows that trademarks are a crucial part of the American economy. In plain language with scores of real-life examples, this new... [READ MORE]
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