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    The Wounds Within
    A Veteran, a PTSD Therapist, and a Nation Unprepared
    By Mark I. Nickerson, By Joshua S. Goldstein
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    As America’s longest wars end, hundreds of thousands of veterans and their families struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Wounds Within follows the iconic case of Marine Lance Corporal Jeff Lucey, who deployed early in the Iraq War, battled PTSD after returning home, and set his family... [READ MORE]
    The Life and Ideas of James Hillman
    Volume I: The Making of a Psychologist
    By Dick Russell, Preface by Sonu Shamdasani
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Considered to be the world’s foremost post-Jungian thinker, James Hillman is known as the founder of archetypal psychology and the author of more than twenty books, including the bestselling title The Soul’s Code. In The Making of a Psychologist, we follow Hillman from his youth in the heyday of Atlantic... [READ MORE]
    A Child's Brain
    Understanding How the Brain Works, Develops, and Changes During the Critical Stages of Childhood
    By Robert Sylwester
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    With A Child’s Brain you can learn how a child’s brain works, develops, and changes during the critical stages of childhood. Robert Sylwester, author of twenty books, has written this latest book to help parents and educators understand children’s cognitive development and provide suggestions on how... [READ MORE]
    Dictionary of Sexual Dreams
    By Martha Clarke
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Approximately 8 percent of what we dream about has sexual connotations. Interestingly, authorities claim that sexual dreaming is often more intense than the physical act of sexual intercourse. Dictionary of Sexual Dreams helps us understand, as well as enjoy, these desires.While we sleep, certain things... [READ MORE]
    The Magic of Mental Diagrams
    Expand Your Memory, Enhance Your Concentration, and Learn to Apply Logic
    By Claudio Aros
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    When Einstein said we only use 10 percent of our brain, he was inviting us to explore all those capabilities that are waiting to be awakened. This book finally explains how to do just that.Mental diagrams are a simple, efficient means of activating all our potential. Upon sketching a mental diagram,... [READ MORE]
    I'm Working On It in Therapy
    How to Get the Most Out of Psychotherapy
    By Gary Trosclair
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Learn to get the most out of therapy to unlock your best self.Millions of Americans will go to therapy this year, but veteran psychotherapist Gary Trosclair believes the vast majority of them will start the process with little to no sense of how to best use their sessions to achieve their goals. Recent... [READ MORE]
    A Road Back from Schizophrenia
    A Memoir
    By Arnhild Lauveng
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    For ten years, Arnhild Lauveng suffered as a schizophrenic, going in and out of the hospital for months or even a year at a time. A Road Back from Schizophrenia gives extraordinary insight into the logic (and life) of a schizophrenic. Lauveng illuminates her loss of identity, her sense of being controlled... [READ MORE]
    Push Back!
    How to Take a Stand Against Groupthink, Bullies, Agitators, and Professional Manipulators
    By B. K. Eakman
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    How many times have you had the unsettling experience of being treated as a troublemaker as soon as you question or raise an objection to a school policy, a textbook, a course of study, a new county regulation, or a community proposal?Every day, attendees of conferences, community forums, PTA meetings,... [READ MORE]
    Little Book of Strategic Peacebuilding
    A Vision And Framework For Peace With Justice
    By Lisa Shirch
    (Good Books)
    So we'd all like a more peaceful world—no wars, no poverty, no more racism, no community disputes, no office tensions, no marital skirmishes. Lisa Schirch sets forth paths to such realities. In fact, she points a way to more than the absence of conflict. She foresees justpeace—a sustainable state of... [READ MORE]
    Tales from the Couch
    A Clinical Psychologist’s True Stories of Psychopathology
    By Dr. Bob Wendorf
    (Carrel Books)
    Tales from the Couch is collection of actual case studies and a primer on psychopathology, as well as a captivating reflection on the human condition. Drawn from Dr. Bob Wendorf’s thirty-six-year career years as a clinical psychologist, the book examines the lives of some of his most troubled patients,... [READ MORE]
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