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    Introduction to Old Order and Conservative Mennonite Groups
    People's Place Book No. 12
    By Stephen Scott
    (Good Books)
    This book tells a story which until now has not been available in such an interesting and comprehensive form. What holds these people together? Why are they growing in number? Where do they live? The Old Order Mennonites are less well known than the Amish, but are similar in many beliefs and practices.... [READ MORE]
    Amish Table
    By Phyllis Good
    (Good Books)
    An exquisite treasure which gathers Amish recipes, along with photographs of the people and the places from which they come. A wonderful gift.... [READ MORE]
    Quiet and Peaceable Life
    People's Place Book No.2
    By John Ruth
    (Good Books)
    John L. Ruth, a Mennonite storyteller/historian, captures the spirit of Old Order Mennonite and Amish groups in his essays, along with photographs, poetry, and quotations. If the "plain people" of North America are to be understood in terms of their own concerns, we must consider sympathetically their... [READ MORE]
    Amish Portrait
    Song Of A People
    By Merle Good
    (Good Books)
    A exquisite, small-size hardcover photo book with lyrical text. The color photographs from Amish life are striking, artistic, and full of energy. The book is built around a lyric entitled "Song of a People" by author Merle Good. Includes a short introduction to the Amish people, capturing their spirit... [READ MORE]
    Plain Buggies
    Amish, Mennonite, And Brethren Horse-Drawn Transportation. People's Place Book N
    By Stephen Scott
    (Good Books)
    Accessible in style, Plain Buggies presents the most complete work on the transportation modes of the "plain people" published to date. includes details on prices, styles, laws, stories. Why do 100,000 persons in North America refuse to drive cars for religious reasons? What are the main styles among... [READ MORE]
    Choosing Against War
    A Christian View
    By John Roth
    (Good Books)
    By a leading writer and thinker. How might Christians look on the world differently if they actually believed that God's love is indeed stronger than our fears? In fresh, confessional language, Roth shares his convictions about Christian pacifism, inviting others to consider this approach, all the while... [READ MORE]
    Sharing Gifts in the Global Family of Faith
    One Church's Experiment
    By Pakisha Tshimika
    (Good Books)
    As the "center" of Christianity has moved south to Africa, Asia, and Latin America, what gifts can churches in different parts of the world share with each other? Are churches in Europe and North America willing and able to receive as well as give? Who's rich? In what? Who's needy? In what way? How do... [READ MORE]
    God's Shalom Project
    An Engaging Look At The Bible's Sweeping Store
    By Bernhard Ott
    (Good Books)
    The author sees God as a gracious parent, intent on a restored relationship with humans. It is that ongoing effort which Ott calls the Shalom Project. Ott believes that "God wants a Shalom people," a community of the faithful who together love God and each other, and then live in the world within that... [READ MORE]
    Culture of Peace
    God's Vision For The Church
    By Alan Kreider
    (Good Books)
    Why is peace such a divisive issue, even among Christians? Why is it so hard to practice right here right now? Why is peace often considered an extra, rather than an essential, to faithful Christian living? The three authors decided to write this book when the Indonesian member of the team remarked to... [READ MORE]
    Little Book of Biblical Justice
    A Fresh Approach To The Bible's Teachings On Justice
    By Chris Marshall
    (Good Books)
    "The purpose of this Little Book is to identify some characteristic features of the Bible's teaching on justice. "The Bible has had a profound impact on the development of Western culture. So exploring biblical perspectives on justice can help us appreciate some of the convictions and values that have... [READ MORE]
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