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    The Book of Common Prayer
    Pocket edition
    By The Episcopal Church
    (Good Books)
    This edition is packaged for gifting, and is ideal for Bible study groups, as well as confirmation and graduation gifts. The affordable price and compact size makes it ideal for those who like to have a copy they can take to the office, or pack conveniently in their luggage when traveling; a trusted... [READ MORE]
    Meditations for Busy Moms
    Reflections, Scripture, and Wisdom
    By Sandra Drescher-Lehman
    (Good Books)
    You love your kids and you're not a grouch. But you do value order and like some sense of control over your time and your environment. Author Sandra Drescher-Lehman has been a parent long enough to voice the utter exhaustion that lies beyond the glow of cherubic infants and charming toddlers.For every... [READ MORE]
    Know My Heart
    A Color-and-Pray Devotional
    By Susan Jones
    (Good Books)
    Jot down your favorite Bible verses and color your faith with Know My Heart. This color-and-pray devotional is creative way to study and recall scripture all 365 days of the year. With inspirational art waiting to be filled with vibrant color, this Bible study journal includes a daily Bible verse, space... [READ MORE]
    Daily Promises from God
    Edited by Susan Jones
    (Good Books)
    Lighten any dreary day, and start every bright morning off with Daily Promises from God. This special book is a 365-day devotional filled with uplifting scripture to fill each day with a reassuring reminder of God’s love. Peaceful, colorful backgrounds complement the beauty of the words on each page,... [READ MORE]
    Depressed but Blessed
    A Guide to Changing Your Life through Faith
    By Blake LeVine
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    More than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression, yet the modern world is so fraught with depression that most of us do not talk about it. It’s the leading disability worldwide, and its burdensome symptoms can materialize at all levels—from minor to even fatal. When depression enters one’s... [READ MORE]
    Threading My Prayer Rug
    One Woman's Journey from Pakistani Muslim to American Muslim
    By Sabeeha Rehman
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Named one of Booklist's Top 10 Diverse Nonfiction Books of 2017 Now in paperback, a timely meditation on being Muslim in America today. Honorable Mention in the 2017 San Francisco Book Festival Awards, Spiritual Category Named on Booklist's Top Ten Religion and Spirituality Books of 2016, Threading My... [READ MORE]
    Dear Friends
    The Letters of St. Paul to Christians in America
    By Christopher Webber
    (Good Books)
    For almost two thousand years, Christians have asked two essential questions: “What would Jesus do?” and “What would Paul say?” Paul wrote more of the New Testament than anyone else did, and he dealt with the basic problems of his day: What should Christians do about marriage? What should the relationship... [READ MORE]
    Let Go and Let God
    A Devotional for Decluttering Your Heart
    By Ruth O'Neil
    (Good Books)
    This beautifully designed daily devotional helps readers focus on what’s important, rather than getting caught up in the endless cycle of worry, stress, and panic that characterizes the busy lives of today’s families. Every page offers an inspirational quote, a Scripture verse, and a suggestion for blocking... [READ MORE]
    Dare to Love Your Husband Well
    A 90-Day Challenge for Christ-Centered Wives
    By Sara Daigle
    (Good Books)
    What does it look like to love your husband well, according to the Bible? It doesn’t mean being a “perfect” wife. After all, if we were perfect, we wouldn’t need Jesus! And it doesn’t mean living up to every single one of your husband’s expectations—nowhere in the Bible will you find a command to give... [READ MORE]
    Women of Purpose
    A Daily Devotional for Discovering a Meaningful Life in Christ
    By Sara Daigle
    (Good Books)
    100 days of scripture-based devotions for an intentional and abundant life rooted in Christ Why do some women seem deeply rooted in peace and joy—even in difficult circumstances—while others of us struggle daily with feelings of dissatisfaction, worthlessness, or anxiety? Being a Christian doesn’t mean... [READ MORE]
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