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    Conversation Starters for Every Grandparent
    Tips for Talking to (and with) Your Grandchildren, Your Children, and Other Grandparents
    By Kim Chamberlain
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Grandparents often find themselves in awkward positions when it comes to having conversations with their family. Once children become “little people,” they develop likes and dislikes and discover their own interests, all of which may often be at odds with the grandparent’s. Even the most innocent attempt... [READ MORE]
    Fifty Shades of Ecstasy
    Fifty Secret Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms
    By Marisa Bennett
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    If the latest wave of popular erotic romance has gotten your mo­tor running, this book will shift you into high gear! Author Marisa Bennett steps up again to give you the dirty details on doing the horizontal hula, with wit, humor, and some hot new moves. This guide will help you expand your sexual repertoire... [READ MORE]
    By David Bramwell, By (photographer) Petra Joy
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Come and enter the sexy, seductive, and secretive world of fetish. From agalmatophilia (the desire to have sex with a mannequin) to ophidicism (sexual arousal from snakes), this is the most comprehensive guide to outrageous erotic ple... [READ MORE]
    Fifty Shades of Oral Pleasure
    A Bedside Guide to Going Down for Him and Her
    By Marisa Bennett
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    In a time when taboo erotica novels are replacing the books on our coffee tables, it's no wonder that couples are exploring the naughtiest sides of sex, from silk ties and whips to candle wax and ben wa balls. But what about kink's greatest predecessor, its founding father--the blow job? Oral sex has... [READ MORE]
    More Than Sympathy
    Essential Advice on Funerals, Money, Family, and Grief After the Death of a Loved One
    By Steven D. Price
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Making sensible decisions during a time of grief is never easy. Losing a husband, wife, father, mother, child or another near and dear person forces you to make a multitude of decisions, some large and life-changing, some small but emotionally charged. And if substantial amounts of money or conflicting... [READ MORE]
    The Single Girl's Survival Guide
    Secrets for Today's Savvy, Sexy, and Independent Women
    By Imogen Lloyd Webber
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    What's life like for the single girl in the post-Sex and the City and Bridget Jones era? Imogen Lloyd Webber—who's 30 and happily unwed—tells all, in a smart and sassy guide to work, mind, body, home, friends, socializing, and, of course, dating and sex. She even creates her own shorthand for discussing... [READ MORE]
    School of Wishing
    Lessons to Change Your Life and Make Your Dreams Come True
    By Brainard Carey, By Delia Carey
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Whether we’re four years old or forty-five, we all make wishes every day. We might wish for love, good health, the job of our dreams, world peace, or a sunny day as winter turns to spring. But when it comes to making these wishes reality, those of us without a magic lamp are at a loss. This book is your... [READ MORE]
    The Superwoman's Survival Guide
    Conquering the Unexpected in the Office, on the Town, or in the Great Outdoors
    By Ky Furneaux
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Just when you think you have everything under control, a situation presents itself that you couldn’t have foreseen or prepared for. That’s life. It’s how you choose to react to the situation that defines you. We have all heard the phrase “expect the unexpected.” The “unexpected” can range from a broken... [READ MORE]
    Hustle Believe Receive
    An 8-Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream
    By Sarah Centrella
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    In Hustle Believe Receive, Sarah Centrella, author of the internationally popular blog Thoughts.Stories.Life., proves that anyone, no matter where they start from, can change their life, achieve success, and live their dream.As a single mom living on food stamps, Sarah completely changed her life of... [READ MORE]
    The Ex-Wives' Guide to Divorce
    How to Navigate Everything from Heartache and Finances to Child Custody
    By Holiday Miller, By Valerie Shepherd
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Witnessing a woman go through divorce is like watching a tornado tear up a trailer park. Not only is someone losing their home and life as they know it, but for most women, it seems to go down with some extra drama thrown in the mix. This is where the advice of authors, Holiday Miller and Valerie Shepherd,... [READ MORE]
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