Social Science

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    The War Conspiracy
    JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War
    By Peter Dale Scott
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Peter Dale Scott examines the many ways in which war policy has been driven by “accidents” and other events in the field, in some cases despite moves toward peace that were directed by presidents. This book explores the “deep politics” that exerts a profound but too-little-understood effect on national... [READ MORE]
    How Hemlines Predict the Economy
    Explanations, Rationalizations, and Theories on Everything
    By Peter FitzSimons
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Why does the dominant partner in any sexual relationship usually sleep on the side of the bed nearest the door? Is there a direct relationship between the length of hemlines and the state of the national economy? Are odd numbers evil? And why do drivers with hats drive twenty miles per hour slower than... [READ MORE]
    Living Like Indians
    1,001 Projects, Games, Activities, and Crafts
    By Allan A. Macfarlan
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    For children and adults alike, Living Like Indians is the essential guide to Native American recreation and activities. Written with recreation directors in mind, this wonderful field companion provides thoughtful learning activities along with a history of the Native Americans. Tracking, camping, and... [READ MORE]
    Race Manners
    Navigating the Minefield Between Black and White Americans
    By Bruce A. Jacobs
    (Arcade Publishing)
    On a plane, a black passenger nervously scrutinizes an Arab–American passenger. In front of a store, a white woman clutches her purse as a black man walks by. In conversation, the topic of race comes up and both people wonder what they are willing to say—and what they are not. Each scenario reveals that... [READ MORE]
    Flight of the Reindeer
    The True Story of Santa Claus and His Christmas Mission
    By Robert Sullivan, Illustrated by Glenn Wolff
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Children have believed the legend forever: On one evening each year a jolly old elf and eight reindeer fly all night long to deliver gifts around the world. The fact is, solid evidence abounds. Robert Sullivan, a senior editor at Life magazine, diligently gathered documentation from scientists, historians,... [READ MORE]
    Provocative and often shocking, Sex in the Future examines how advances in reproductive technology will change human behavior. In-vitro fertilization and surrogate motherhood could mean the end not only of infertility but also of the need for men and women to form relationships or for women to interrupt... [READ MORE]
    The End of White World Supremacy
    Four Speeches
    By Malcolm X
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Malcolm X gave black Americans not only their consciousness, but their history, their dignity, and a new pride. No single individual can claim a more important responsibility for a sociological and historical leap forward such as the one sparked in America in the 1960s. In 1965, when Malcolm X was gunned... [READ MORE]
    The Elephant, The Tiger, and the Cellphone
    India, the Emerging 21st-Century Power
    By Shashi Tharoor
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Interest in India has never been greater. Here Shashi Tharoor, one of the subcontinent’s most respected writers and diplomats, offers precious insights into this complex, multifaceted land, which despite its dazzling diversity of languages, customs, and cultures remains—more than sixty years after its... [READ MORE]
    Patpong Sisters
    An American Woman's View of the Bangkok Sex World
    By Cleo Odzer
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Cleo Odzer, a young American anthropologist, spent three years studying Bangkok’s red-light district, Patpong, an area of a few blocks teeming with bars and explicit sex shows. Patpong is now world famous for its available and extremely attractive y... [READ MORE]
    Making a Difference 2.0
    The Ultimate Guide to Online Charitable Giving
    By Howard Freeman
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    The digital age has changed the way people contribute to worthy causes, with more and more donations coming from online sources. Making a Difference 2.0 serves as a bible for tech-savvy contributors and an essential starting block for beginners, explaining the ins and outs of online charity, how it can... [READ MORE]
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