True Crime

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    Shots Fired
    The Misunderstandings, Misconceptions, and Myths about Police Shootings
    By Joseph K. Loughlin, By Kate Clark Flora
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Get a deeper understanding of police shootings through interviews with officers involved in real-life casesToday’s media is filled with discussions about officer-involved shootings. Too often missing from that discussion are the police officers’ voices and the reality of what happens in actual shooting... [READ MORE]
    The Tangled Web
    The Life and Death of Richard Cain-Chicago Cop and Hitman
    By Michael J. Cain, Foreword by Jack Clarke
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    The Tangled Web tells the dramatic story of Detective Richard Cain, the man the FBI described as “possibly the most corrupt police official in the history of Chicago.” Cain led a double life—at once a chief investigator and a “made” man, both a detective who led raids on gambling rings and a soldier... [READ MORE]
    A Cold-Blooded Business
    Adultery, Murder, and a Killer's Path from the Bible Belt to the Boardroom
    By Marek Fuchs
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Years after In Cold Blood, the same town would play host to another graphic murder. Olathe, Kansas—the same town that played host to the quadruple murder made famous by Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood—achieved notoriety again in 1982, when a gentle man named David Harmon was bludgeoned to death while sleeping.... [READ MORE]
    Generation Oxy
    From High School Wrestlers to Pain Pill Kingpins
    By Douglas Dodd, By Matthew Cox, Foreword by Mark Mallouk
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    The unforgettable story of Florida teenagers turned oxycodone traffickersGeneration Oxy is the story of a group of friends—clean cut, all-American high school kids—who stumbled into the Sunshine State’s murky underworld of illegal pill mills and corrupt doctors. This teenage criminal enterprise ultimately... [READ MORE]
    The DOJ Investigation of the Chicago Police Department
    The Complete Report by The United States Department of Justice
    By Department of Justice, Foreword by Curtis Black
    (Racehorse Publishing)
    “Perhaps the most damning, sweeping critique ever of the Chicago Police Department.” —Chicago Tribune Chicago, 2016. In a time of civil unrest in America, when racism, brutality, and division have taken prominent places in the daily news, the federal government conducted an investigation into the affairs... [READ MORE]
    Absolute Madness
    A True Story of a Serial Killer, Race, and a City Divided
    By Catherine Pelonero
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Absolute Madness tells the disturbing true story of Joseph Christopher, a white serial killer who targeted black males and struck fear into the residents of Buffalo and New York City in the 1980s. Dubbed both the .22-Caliber Killer and the Midtown Slasher, Christopher allegedly claimed eighteen victims... [READ MORE]
    Who Killed Tom Thomson?
    The Truth about the Murder of One of the 20th Century's Most Famous Artists
    By John Little
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Tom Thomson was Canada's Vincent van Gogh. He painted for a period of five years before meeting his untimely death in a remote wilderness lake in July 1917. He was buried in an unofficial grave close to the lake where his body was found. About eight hours after he was buried, the coroner arrived but... [READ MORE]
    In the World
    From the Big House to Hollywood
    By Richard Stratton
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Smuggler's Blues, the first book in Richard Stratton's memoir of his criminal career, detailed his years as a kingpin in the Hippie Mafia. Kingpin, the second book, traced his eight-year journey through the criminal justice system, through two federal trials and myriad jails and prisons and culminating... [READ MORE]
    Little Shoes
    The Sensational Depression-Era Murders That Became My Family’s Secret
    By Pamela Everett
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    In the summer of 1937, with the Depression deep and World War II looming, a California triple murder stunned an already grim nation. After a frantic week-long manhunt for the killer, a suspect emerged, and his sensational trial captivated audiences from coast to coast. Justice was swift, and the condemned... [READ MORE]
    Pursuing Justice
    One Attorney's Fight against a Client Who Kidnapped Her and the Legal System that Betrayed Her
    By Sharon R. Muse, JD, By Holly Lorincz
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    “He promised to kill me when he got out. I believed him. If I wanted justice, I had to fight both him and the courts...maybe kill him first. If I didn’t do something, I was going to die.” This is not a manufactured dialogue from a thriller but the words of attorney Sharon Muse. They came after she survived... [READ MORE]
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