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    Pardon My French
    How a Grumpy American Fell in Love with France
    By Allen Johnson
    (Yucca Publishing)
    To make a friend is a joy. To make a friend in another country is a wonderment—a small miracle. Pardon My French follows an American author who has embraced a daunting mission: not to be a spectator in France but an enthusiastic participant—fully engaged, fully alive. In France, Johnson is like an alien... [READ MORE]
    Wild Yosemite
    25 Tales of Adventure, Nature, and Exploration
    Edited by Susan M. Neider, Introduction by Bruce Hamilton
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    An ideal gift for lovers of nature.This beautiful literary collection explores the spectacular natural features of Yosemite through the eyes of some of America’s most notable and extraordinarily talented writers. In 1851, Lafayette Bunnell chronicled his travels with the Mariposa Battalion, the first... [READ MORE]
    With details on everything from Bunker Hill to Central Square, this is the only guide a native or traveler needs. The Not For Tourists Guide to Boston is a map-based, neighborhood-by-neighborhood guidebook for already street-savvy Bostonians, business travelers, and tourists alike. It divides the city... [READ MORE]
    Not For Tourists Guide to Brooklyn 2016
    By Not For Tourists
    (Not For Tourists)
    With details on everything from the Magnificent Mile to Wicker Park, this is the only guide a native or traveler needs. The Not For Tourists Guide to Chicago is a map-based, neighborhood-by-neighborhood dream guide that divides Chi-town into 60 mapped neighborhoods from Gold Coast and Lincoln Park to... [READ MORE]
    With details on everything from the Hollywood Bowl to the Sunset Strip, this is the only guide a native or traveler needs. The Not For Tourists Guide to Los Angeles is the essential urban handbook that thousands of Los Angelenos rely on daily. The map-based, neighborhood-by-neighborhood guidebook divides... [READ MORE]
    With details on everything from Pioneer Square to Pike Place Market, this is the only guide a native or traveler needs. The Not For Tourists Guide to Seattle is the manual to the seaport city that no local, or tourist, should be without. This map-based guidebook divides Seattle and the Eastside into... [READ MORE]
    Great Rides of Today's Wild West
    A Horseman's Photographic Journey Across the American West
    By (photographer) Mark Bedor
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    Veteran travel writer, photographer, and horseman Mark Bedor returns with another breathtaking adventure across the American West. This gorgeous photographic collection showcases twenty-six horseback rides across the United States (with one trip abroad to the great Australian Outback). For each, Bedor... [READ MORE]
    The Joys of Travel
    And Stories That Illuminate Them
    By Thomas Swick
    (Skyhorse Publishing)
    "A perceptive, old-school travel writer whose prose brings celebrated and obscure destinations to life." —The New York Times "The Joys of Travel is itself a joy." —Paul Theroux, New York Times bestselling author of Deep South In The Joys of Travel: And Stories That Illuminate Them, veteran travel writer... [READ MORE]
    Challenging the Pacific
    The First Woman to Row the Kon-Tiki Route
    By Maud Fontenoy
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Just two years after rowing solo across the North Atlantic at the age of twenty-five, Maud Fontenoy was ready for a new challenge—crossing the Pacific Ocean. Leaving from Lima, Peru, and traveling 4,400 miles in seventy-three days, Fontenoy landed in Hiva Oa in French Polynesia, becoming the first woman... [READ MORE]
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