Home Smoking and Curing Self-Sufficiency By Joanna Farrow
With the invention of the tin can, freeze-drying, supermarkets, and microwaves, you might think that food preserved the old-fashioned way is no longer relevant to modern-day cooks and chefs. But the ancient traditions of smoking and curing food are actually seeing something of a resurgence these days, thanks to a growing back-to-basics movement and a renewed desire for simple, honest food. 

This new addition to the Self-Sufficiency series includes information on the origins and history of smoke-curing, the basic smoking process, raw materials, equipment, and storage. Also included are 25 recipes for meat, game, fish, and shellfish. Home Smoking and Curing is a practical guide to retaining the subtle flavors of your favorite foods, from simple smoked salmon to more adventurous ideas like smoked mussels, sausage, and even salt-and-pepper smoked squid. Home smoking and curing meat is all about bringing out the best possible flavors in a healthy, natural way, and savoring it all the more because you prepared it yourself. Preserving food is actually surprisingly simple; all it takes is some basic equipment and a little bit of organization.

The informative writing, straightforward instructions, and classic illustrations make Home Smoking and Curing the perfect handbook for anyone looking to make their own smoked and cured products.  

TitleHome Smoking and Curing
AuthorBy Joanna Farrow
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published1 October 2012
Dimensions5.75 x 8.25in.
ISBNs: 9781616088484 978-1-61608-848-4 Title: home smoking and curing category:CKB 
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