Literary Hoaxes An Eye-Opening History of Famous Frauds Melissa Katsoulis
The famous fakes and fakers of literary history.

When Dionysius the Renegade faked a Sophocles text in 400 BC (cunningly inserting the acrostic “Heraclides is ignorant of letters”) to humiliate an academic rival, he paved the way for two millennia of increasingly outlandish literary hoaxers. The path from his mischievous stunt to more serious tricksters like the fake Howard Hughes “autobiography” by Clifford Irving and Oprah-duper James Frey takes in every sort of writer, from the religious zealot to the bored student, via the vengeful academic and the out-and-out joker.

But whether hoaxing for fame, money, politics, or simple amusement, each perpetrator represents something unique about why we write. Their stories speak volumes about how reading, writing, and publishing have grown out of the fine and private places of the past into big-business, TV-book-club-led mass-marketplaces which, some would say, are ripe for the ripping.

For the first time, the complete history of this fascinating subgenre of world literature is revealed. Suitable for bookworms of all ages and persuasions, this is true crime for people who don’t like true crime and literary history for the historically illiterate. A treat to read right through or to dip into, it will make you think twice next time you slip between the covers of an author you don’t know.

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TitleLiterary Hoaxes
SubtitleAn Eye-Opening History of Famous Frauds
AuthorMelissa Katsoulis
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published6 October 2015
Dimensions5.00 x 7.75in.
“With well-researched irony and straight-faced humor, British writer Katsoulis pulls the covers off of several notorious literary frauds.... For those intrigued by the notion of literary hoaxes, this is an entertaining guide.”—Publishers Weekly

“[A]n excellent and informative survey of a fascinating and often newsworthy subject.”—Booklist
ISBNs: 9781634502696 978-1-63450-269-6 Title: literary hoaxes category:HIS 
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