A History of Courtship 800 Years of Seduction By Tania O'Donnell
Tania O’Donnell takes the reader on a journey from medieval Courtly Love, through to the sexual license of the Restoration, and Victorian propriety. Pick up historical ‘dating tips,’ from how to court (or be courted), write romantic love letters, give and receive gifts, propose and pose as a sighing swain.
The book takes a historical approach to the problem of finding a mate, with case studies of classic romantic mistakes and plenty of unusual tales. In the 14th century young men tried to impress the ladies with their footwear, donning shoes with pointed toes so long that they had to be secured with whalebone—presumably because size mattered!
A History of Courtship is an entertaining and enlightening look at seduction over the centuries.

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TitleA History of Courtship
Subtitle800 Years of Seduction
AuthorBy Tania O'Donnell
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published9 January 2018
Dimensions6.13 x 9.25in.
Illustrations60 B&W illustrations.

About the author

Tania O’Donnell has written on relationships for national newspapers and magazines, including Metro and the Guardian. She is the founder of Green Cover, a private press that publishes collectible editions of original short stories, poetry and mythology. She lives in South London with her husband, Gary, and a Westie puppy.

"A lively and insightful study. The broad range of examples given, both from historical and fictional sources make this an excellent read for those interested in the social history of the period."—Elizabeth Norton, author of The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor

"O’Donnel’s approachable and engaging writing style takes us on a romantic adventure through 800 years of the pleasures and pitfalls of human courtship, drawing upon a plethora of well-researched original sources. From the inception of chivalry and courtly love in the 12th century to strange practices such as ‘bundling’ in the seventeenth to folklore driven notions of the eighteenth to the superstitious beliefs of the Victorian era—even now represented in nursery rhymes—this book is a fun yet informative read. Inclusive of an early Tudor statute which forbade the ‘taking away of women’ to reserve aristocratic control of land and wealth, observations on the roguish eye of Samuel Pepys, and the strict etiquette of choosing a mate while chaperoned alongside the apparent freer liaisons of the lower classes, O’Donnel’s take on courtship is a must for anyone who has ever been romantically pursued or been the pursuer of the ultimate romantic notion."—Karen Bowman, author of Corsets and Codpieces, Essex Girls, and Essex Boys.

“The not-so good old dating days of yore receive a generously illustrated overview in this fond, at times acerbic look at courtship in centuries past.
Although love poems overpopulate its pages, the author of this slim book has a keen eye for clickbait-worthy facets of the mating-game. Handfasting marriages; vinegar Valentines; confession albums (a precursor to online dating); love tokens doubling as corset stiffeners; it’s all here, and nicely indexed. As is Samuel Beeton, the Victorian bully whose odious “etiquette advice for ladies” terrorized a generation.” —Vicki León, journalist-author of 37 books, including the ground-breaking Uppity Women in History series
"A lively, merry romp through centuries of wooing, elopements, love affairs, and scandal. Perfect for Jane Austen fans!"—Eleanor Herman, author of Sex with Kings and Sex with the Queen
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