Infused Water 75 Simple and Delicious Recipes to Keep You and Your Family Healthy and Happy By Dalila Tarhuni
We know that we should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day—that’s a lot of water! People often substitute with coffee or tea, but do we really want all that extra caffeine and acid? Soft drinks have too many calories, and diet drinks are full of chemicals. The easy answer to staying healthy, hydrated, and happy is infused water.

With no calories and delicious flavors, infused water will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Hydration is essential—more than half of your body is composed of water, and it is needed by every cell in your body to function properly. Yet, three-quarters of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Water balances the electrolytes in your body and helps to remove toxins, not to mention the multitude of positive effects it can have on your daily life, including:

• Clearer skin
• Increased metabolism
• More energy
• Reduced blood pressure and cholesterol

Infused Water provides a simple and tasty way for you and your family to get your daily dose. Water infusers can be purchased at home, kitchen, or department stores for less than $25.00. Water can be infused with cucumber, strawberries, mint, coconut, and many other herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Each of these has unique properties that can provide you with benefits such as energy, balance, or detoxification. Imagine how much more productive, positive, and healthy you will be when properly hydrated!
TitleInfused Water
Subtitle75 Simple and Delicious Recipes to Keep You and Your Family Healthy and Happy
AuthorBy Dalila Tarhuni
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published28 March 2017
Dimensions7.50 x 7.50in.
IllustrationsColor photos throughout.

About the author

Dalila Tarhuni grew up in several Mediterranean countries and in a family of Greek descent that has been in the food business for nearly one hundred years. Her love for fresh and wholesome food started early, but she discovered her talent for cooking while managing an Italian deli in Los Angeles several years ago. Creating recipes came natural, and, combined with her passion for photography and writing, it quickly blossomed into a full–time career. She resides in Los Angeles, California.

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