The Depression Diet How To Eat, Think, and Love Your Way To Improved Mental Health Blake LeVine
More than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression yet the modern world is so fraught with depression that most of us do not talk about it. It’s the leading disability worldwide, and its burdensome symptoms can materialize at all levels—from minor to even fatal. When depression enters one’s life or household, it can cause feelings of sadness, anger, fatigue, anxiety, and emotional frustration. Your days feel dark and tough, as you struggle to connect with others as well as ourselves.

From the creator of Rap Therapy, a nontraditional therapy tool that has been well-received from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, Brad Pitt, and more, therapist Blake LeVine presents The Depression Diet, a holistic book on how to protect and savor your mental well-being. He offers constructive techniques to help ground your perspective and evaluate your overall functioning. Not only does this book help you to manifest feelings of happiness but it accounts for how you can maintain them.

The Depression Diet tackles matters such as acceptance, awareness, understanding the present moment, and connectedness when struggling with feelings of grief, confusion, or stress. LeVine strongly believes that real change does not happen instantly and quick diets never work but he provides the mental gear needed for you to begin a new way of living and thinking that will combat any symptoms of depression for a lifetime.
TitleThe Depression Diet
SubtitleHow To Eat, Think, and Love Your Way To Improved Mental Health
AuthorBlake LeVine
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published2 January 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Blake LeVine holds a masters degree in social work and works as a consultant with corporations and organizations around the world on how to improve mental health. He is the author of Beating Bipolar. He lives in Cooper City, Florida.

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