Modern Brides & Modern Grooms A Guide to Planning Straight, Gay, and Other Nontraditional Twenty-First-Century Weddings Mark O'Connell, LCSW, Liza Monroy
This book is for any couple—same or opposite sex—seeking a personalized wedding that dignifies the relationship and the individual self. No “new normal” here—this guide emboldens you to harness your unique, brazen, queer truth; to be creative; and to plan your wedding your way.

Every fiancé faces the question, how do I become something new without losing myself? Using his own story, author Mark O’Connell reflects on conflicts that arrive during wedding transitions, as well as various other transitions throughout your lives.

As a psychotherapist, O’Connell offers ideas to bridge relational gaps with your partner, family, and friends. As a professional actor, he also offers insight into the ways your wedding is a theatrical production and how this can help you to conceptualize the event, consolidate your efforts, and increase creative collaboration as a couple. This will serve you not only on your big day, but also for the rest of your time together.

Whether we’re straight, gay, or other, weddings inspire us to carve out more fun, freedom, recognition, life space, love space, and connubial space than we’ve ever had before.
TitleModern Brides & Modern Grooms
SubtitleA Guide to Planning Straight, Gay, and Other Nontraditional Twenty-First-Century Weddings
AuthorMark O'Connell, LCSW, Liza Monroy
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published3 January 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
ISBNs: 9781510711488 978-1-5107-1148-8 Title: modern brides modern grooms category:REF ISBNs: 9781510711525 978-1-5107-1152-5 Title: modern brides modern grooms category:REF 
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