America’s Best Pies 2016–2017 Nearly 200 Recipes You’ll Love American Pie Council, Linda Hoskins
Since 1995, amateur, commercial, and professional bakers have competed in the National Pie Championships to determine who makes the best pies in America. America’s Best Pies 2016-2017 is a collection of nearly two hundred delicious recipes that have won awards at the National Pie Championships. From the unusual—deep-dish deluxe banana split pie—to the traditional, such as apple pie, every recipe has been reviewed by judges and determined to be an award-winning pie. These selections are considered some of the best of the best from across the country. When you start making these pies at home, you’ll see why!

America’s Best Pies 2016-2017 is packed with color photographs of the pies you’ll learn to make and love. As a special treat to give you a taste of what the championships are like, many of the photographs are of the actual pies entered in the competition. The recipes inside are clearly explained so that the expert and the future expert pie-maker can enjoy alike. Whether it’s apple, custard, strawberry, or raisin that captures your taste buds, you’re sure to find a recipe that you can’t wait to try. Just be sure to share your tantalizing creations with friends and family, and get ready to serve seconds!

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TitleAmerica’s Best Pies 2016–2017
SubtitleNearly 200 Recipes You’ll Love
AuthorAmerican Pie Council, Linda Hoskins
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published6 September 2016
Dimensions8.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

The American Pie Council (APC) is the only organization committed to preserving America’s pie heritage and promoting Americans’ love affair with pies. Each year the American Pie Council hosts the National Pie Championships where amateur, professional, and commercial pie bakers can compete in their categories for the best pies in the country.

Linda Hoskins has served as the executive director of the American Pie Council since 2000. Along with a strong board of directors, Linda has been responsible for gathering all aspects of the pie industry together for the National Pie Championships, the Great American Pie Festival, and the Pie Industry Seminar. Linda has been a judge for the Food Network and the Travel Channel and has been named to Baking Management’s Influential 20 in both 2009 and 2011. Linda and her husband, Richard, have two children and three grandchildren. She lives in Lake Forest, Illinois.

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