An African Rebound A Novel By Dan Doyle
A Deep, Thought-Provoking Novel of Love, Loss, Civil Unrest, and Basketball

It is 1989, and Jim Keating has hit rock bottom. He’s lost his wife to cancer, his house to near bankruptcy, and his job as a college basketball coach to an extreme misunderstanding. He has also just about lost his mind, having slipped into a bout of serious depression. In an attempt to start life over, Jim returns home to Worcester. In high school and college, Jim had been a star athlete and went on to become a successful basketball coach. Throughout the years, Jim’s passion for basketball and commitment to the players never faltered. Recognizing this, an old friend makes Jim an offer designed to help him restart his career—and take hold of his life.

Jim soon arrives in Burundi, Africa, where he has been asked to create a basketball initiative that will bring the warring Hutu and Tutsi tribes together peacefully. While scouting for possible players, Jim discovers fourteen-year-old Leonard Tangishaka, an extraordinary seven-foot athlete with an unlimited potential for basketball. Jim envisions future success against the Rwandan National Team and maybe even an Olympic appearance. Unfortunate and mysterious events soon shatter Jim’s dreams of success and simultaneously increase the probability of violence escalating in Burundi. With the help of those around him, Jim must move forward and stay positive if he is to bring peace to the nation and inner peace to himself. An African Rebound is a deep, thought-provoking novel of love, loss, civil unrest, and basketball.

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TitleAn African Rebound
SubtitleA Novel
AuthorBy Dan Doyle
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published10 January 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Dan Doyle traveled to Burundi, Africa, in 1990 to help develop Project Burundi alongside US diplomats. He is the founder and executive director of the Institute for International Sport. While in this position, Doyle founded the World Scholar-Athlete Games, National Sportsmanship Day, and the Center for Sports Parenting. A former high school and intercollegiate men’s basketball coach, he achieved a career record of 142–45 and led the Trinity College men’s team to national success. He lives in Kingston, Rhode Island.

“A deeply touching and fascinating novel. This is a must-read for anyone familiar with the game of basketball.” —Julius Erving, NBA Hall of Famer

“This book will inspire you, intrigue you, and move you in unexpected ways.” —Harlan Coben, author of Live Wire and Stay Close

“An exciting and honest book any fan of basketball will truly appreciate.” —Ralph Sampson, NBA Hall of Famer

"As usual Dan Doyle hits the ball out of the literary park again. This book is a great story that examines society and culture. As a basketball coach, an educator, and as a person, [I feel] this is a must-read." —Jim Calhoun, former coach of UConn men's basketball and Hall of Famer

"Wonderfully crafted . . . Dan Doyle spins a tale of good and evil in Africa while evoking memories of some of basketball's greatest players of all time, including Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, and The Big O." —Joe Mitch, executive director, US Basketball Writers Association

"An African Rebound is my favorite kind of book—it entertains while it teaches. I learned an incredible amount about the history of basketball in this country in the context of a compelling story. Anyone who has stumbled in life will relate to Jim Keating's story . . . and anyone who loves basketball will keep turning the pages!" —Jim Thompson, founder and executive director, Positive Coaching Alliance
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