The Natural Superiority of Mules A Celebration of One of the Most Intelligent, Sure-Footed, and Misunderstood Animals in the World By John Hauer, Foreword by Robert Miller
Mules are hybrids within the animal kingdom—the infertile offspring of male donkeys and female horses. Baby mules are more playful and curious than their other equine cousins, and the mature mule is one of the most fascinating, yet often underappreciated, creatures in the world. In the first paperback edition of The Natural Superiority of Mules, distinguished rancher John Hauer celebrates these magnificence of the mule through essays, articles, stories, and over 150 beautiful full-color photographs.

The pieces in this collection draw attention to many of this hybrid’s most impressive characteristics, including its strength, grace, and loyalty, was well ashile other sections are dedicated to mule genetics, mule training, and mule history. Contributors to this distinct collection range from recognized professionals in the equine community to those who have recently purchased their first mules. These experts and aficionados include Janet Lowe, Betty Robinson, Robert M. Miller DVM, Sena Hauer, and more than two dozen others!

Mule lovers will be enchanted--—and horse lovers just may be converted—--by these tales of the stamina, intelligence, loyalty, and common sense displayed by the average mule.
TitleThe Natural Superiority of Mules
SubtitleA Celebration of One of the Most Intelligent, Sure-Footed, and Misunderstood Animals in the World
AuthorBy John Hauer, Foreword by Robert Miller
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published15 November 2016
Dimensions10.25 x 10.25in.
Illustrations150 color photos.

About the author

John Hauer is the owner and operator of two ranches, a 1,400-acre ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and a ranch located on the banks of the Colorado River north of Moab, Utah. John and his wife, Sena, buy, sell, raise, and ride mules on their “Back Country Mules” ranch north of Moab. His articles about mules have been published in the Saturday Evening Post and in Mules and More. He resides in Moab, Utah.

Sue Cole is the senior editor of Mules and More. She has been an avid mule rider for more than forty years and purchased Mules and More in 1990. She enjoys riding mule trails with her thirty-nine-year-old mule, Star, and her children and grandchildren. She lives in Bland, Missouri.

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