House 23 A Thriller By Eli Yance
A psychological thriller that pits a community against a man, and that man against himself.

Joseph Lee lost his wife, the love of his life. She was slain in their home, right under his nose. As if the grief weren’t enough, Lee was also blamed for her murder. At the end of the day, the detectives didn’t have any proof that Lee was the murderer, but that didn’t stop the community from shunning him or his friends and family from cutting him out of their lives. They didn’t need proof, they said.

Left to stew in his own self-loathing, a miserable existence of solitude and narcotics, Lee is alone with his regrets and his remorse. But his life is about to change—there is hope yet for this hopeless man. A beautiful woman who looks uncannily like his deceased wife moves into the vacant house across the road, sparking something in Joseph Lee that he thought was long dead.

But after the light at the end of the tunnel, there is even more darkness for Lee. This beautiful lookalike, and the house she now calls home, are hiding terrible secrets that will unravel everything Lee thought he knew about himself, his neighbors, and his deceased wife.
TitleHouse 23
SubtitleA Thriller
AuthorBy Eli Yance
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published6 September 2016
Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.

About the author

Eli Yance lives in Northumberland, England, with his wife and dogs. He doesn’t spend nearly enough time with the former and spends far too much time with the latter. Eli started writing at a very young age, penning his first complete novel when he was just eleven and publishing his first short story at eighteen. He is also the author of the upcoming novel The Consequence.

“A taut psychological thriller that will keep the reader engrossed until the explosive conclusion.” —Vaughn C. Hardacker, author of Black Orchid

“The perfect read . . . Yance has a way with maximizing the incredibly vivid imagery . . . [he] also creates very interesting characters that are developed so well that this writer can see House 23 very easily being done as a stage production . . . Enough suspense and plot twists to keep you guessing and engaged. The book runs with fine pacing and the tightly crafted flow of the wording makes it a very easy read.”—Fangoria

"House 23 hides some terrible secrets." —Dread Central
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