101 Things to Do with Your Christmas Elf By Jason Deas
Christmas is a magical time of the year. How often have you lain in bed, visions of sugar plums dancing through your head? Maybe you’ve began to gently drift into a dream when, suddenly, you realize . . . you didn’t move the elf!

That darn elf. Making you get out of bed when you’re all snuggled up after a long day of gift-wrapping. But you know that if you don’t move it, the kids will begin to unravel the Christmas secrets you’ve worked so hard to preserve over the years! Before you know it, they’ll think Santa isn’t real and they’ll be all grown up. Fine, you say to yourself, I’ll get up and move the freakin’ elf. However, as time goes on, your kids start to notice the elf’s moving to the same spots over and over, doing the same old things. It starts to become less believable.

For when you’re stuck in this predicament, author Jason Deas has developed 101 different ideas of what to do with your Christmas elf. Get St. Nick’s assistants off the shelf and into a variety of creative situations that will amaze and amuse your children:

Make your elf some skis for water skiing and snow skiing
Set up your elf like he’s been working out all night long
Put your elf in a boat in the bathtub
Create a drum set with a few cans, pots, plastic containers, and other odds and ends
Have your elf become a mechanic and fix a toy car

Filled with Christmas spirit and humor, 101 Things To Do With Your Christmas Elf is your handbook to surviving December and making sure you keep your little holiday helper on the move.
Title101 Things to Do with Your Christmas Elf
AuthorBy Jason Deas
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintRacehorse Publishing
Published17 October 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
Illustrations101 color photos.

About the author

Jason Deas has written several middle grade and adult novels. He is a Christmas enthusiast. After writing Birdsongs, a mystery for adults, his nieces asked him to write a book for kids. He granted their wish and wrote Camp Timber View and followed it with another middle grade novel titled The Big Stinky City. He teaches art in elementary schools, is a songwriter and sculptor, and makes a mean pot of chili. He lives in Ball Ground, Georgia.

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