Forever After A Dark Comedy By David Jester
Michael Holland is a grim reaper working the worst beat in the worst town. Michael’s best friend is a pot-smoking tooth fairy, his boss is the angel of death, his psychiatrist can read his mind, and he counts bogeymen, demons, and clones as his acquaintances.

His nine-to-five is a succession of stupidity, clearing up the remains of the latest Darwin Award winner or dealing with the detritus of some apocalyptic clerical error, and it only seems to be getting worse. Michael is as equally disillusioned with death as he was with life, but at least life made more sense.

In Forever After, Michael starts to question whether his immortality is really worth having. He sees clueless souls cross over every day, and battling confused succubi, tormented psychopaths, evil henchmen, and even a demon who thinks he’s Santa Claus is getting boring. Is there something more exciting for this grim reaper to do in this sad little town? This darkly humorous novel is set in a fantasy world that exists parallel to ours—a world where anything is possible, very little makes sense, and nothing is as it seems.
TitleForever After
SubtitleA Dark Comedy
AuthorBy David Jester
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published1 August 2017
Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.

About the author

David Jester lives in the northeast of England with his wife and their pets. When he is not working on his next novel or short story, he works as a freelance writer. He has been writing for as long as he can remember, with his first short story published when he was eighteen and his first novel published a decade later. He lives in Newcastle, England, United Kingdom.

"Forever After at its heart is the story of one individual—who happens to be immortal—struggling to find meaning and purpose in a seemingly indifferent universe. The tale is an unflinching witness to the beauty and ugliness of the human condition, all the while cycling rapidly between the wickedly funny, melancholia, acerbic satire, and the occasional touching moment." —Mark Cain, Circles in Hell

"Jester has pulled off rare thing here. He’s crafted a fantasy tale drenched in biting satire, fun, darkness, but also gives us a nice touch of the feels. Open this one up, dig in, and let it swallow you whole.” —Mike McCrary author of Genuinely Dangerous and Remo Went Rogue

"As far as I know, Christopher Moore is not terminally ill. However, if he happens to be, it seems like David Jester would be a natural heir to the throne of his darkly comedic brand of fiction. Charged with a cynically philosophical look at mortality and often touching insights into the bumbling emotions of humans, Forever After blends squalid realism with a playful sense of bizarre fantasy to create a wildly appealing and entertaining book." —Andersen Prunty, author of This Town Needs a Monster

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