The Hurting Circus Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Volume 3 By Paul O'Brien
The conclusion of the acclaimed trilogy in which professional wrestling meets Empire, called “a one-of a kind literary offering for die-hard wrestling fans” (

It’s been twelve years since the New York wrestling territory was nearly burned to the ground. Twelve years since millions of dollars were lost because of a single bullet. Twelve years since Lenny Long last saw his family before being thrown in jail for killing Danno Garland. Now, Lenny has walked out of jail a changed man.

Back on the outside, things haven’t gotten any easier. Danno’s death has made the spotlight shine on the world of professional wrestling a little too brightly for the comfort of many. Senator Tanenbaum is leading the charge to shut the whole thing down, while the other wrestling bosses haven’t wasted any time in trying to consolidate their territories and grab new ones. But Danno’s old crew isn’t about to let the other promoters take what is rightfully theirs, at least not without a fight. And, try as he might to get home, Lenny’s role in it all isn’t over.

In this thrilling final chapter of Paul O’Brien’s gritty Blood Red Turns Dollar Green trilogy, it all comes down to Lenny. And twelve years is a long time to think and to plan.
TitleThe Hurting Circus
SubtitleBlood Red Turns Dollar Green Volume 3
AuthorBy Paul O'Brien
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published16 May 2017
Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.

About the author

Paul O’Brien is a writer from Wexford, Ireland. When self-published, his Blood Red Turns Dollar Green trilogy became a bestseller in Canada, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Italy, the UK, Ireland, and the United States. Paul has two US TV pilots in development, one of which is based on his Blood Red Turns Dollar Green novels. He is also writing WWE legend and Hall of Famer Jim Ross’s autobiography.

Praise for Paul O'Brien's Blood Red Turns Dollar Green trilogy:

"O’Brien’s whip-smart prose brings the fascinating, often funny world of pro wrestling to glorious life and imbues its players with surprisingly delicate humanity." —Publishers Weekly

"Loved them, the inside knowledge on the wrestling business is amazing." —Finn Bálor, NXT/WWE superstar

"There’s only a few great wrestling novels out there and Paul O’Brien has written them all. Very well written, creatively done, a lot of research, the research is obvious on every page. Because of you Paul O'Brien, I stopped thinking about writing a wrestling novel. Because I knew you would probably do a better job, than I could ever do!" —Mick Foley, WWE Hall of Famer

"Paul has a real gift. I could not put the book down. Blistering pace, very suspenseful throughout. A great read." —Bret Hart, WWE Hall of Famer

"All you fuckers are waaaay behind. I scooped these up and loved them." —Paul Heyman, WWE superstar

"I’m in awe of the research and I was fascinated by the tales. Gripping stories, great characters and villains. I love these books. My cup of tea with two sugars." —William Regal, WWE/NXT general manager

"I strongly and highly suggest that you check out these novels. They’re a powerslam of literary mastery. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Amazing reads!" —Jim Ross, WWE Hall of Famer

"Amazingly well written story. I loved the characters, especially Ade, who is like several bad ass wrestling women all rolled into one. This book is straight fire!" —Becky Lynch, WWE Superstar

“Unique, thrilling reads.” —

"Like nothing else we’ve ever read." —Calling Spots

"Full of twists and turns." —

"This is a major piece of crime fiction." —Brit Alley

"I was burning my fingers getting through this. I was ecstatic that the story kept on deliver until the last line." —Slam

"A marriage of wrestling and literature that has never been seen before." —

"Gripping . . . hard to put down . . . just so much to enjoy here." —Pro Wrestling Torch

"Captivating. An instant classic." —Collar and Elbow

"Top notch, stylish . . . the first professional novel about professional wrestling." —Fight Spirit magazine

"Fifty pages in and we were hooked." —Ministry of Slam

"O’Brien nails it overtime . . . this is how you create a wrestling universe." Wrestling Observer

"Epic and intimate. Intense and involving." —Pulp Pusher

Trust me, you’ll want to read this book. At least I can say I knew Paul before it was cool." —Todd Barnes, Sundance Award–winning writer and producer

"Blood Red Turns Dollar Green is one hell of a novel, with shades of Mario Puzo, Elmore Leonard, and Michael Connelly. The action is relentless, the characters are shady and the justice is swift and final. Paul O'Brien is the real deal and a rising star in the crime arena." —Eoin Colfer, NY Times bestselling author

"So well written that you could smell the sweat in the air and the blood on the mat. Brilliant lean, mean page turners. I wish I could scrub out Paul’s last name and put mine on there instead." —Paul Guay, Hollywood screenwriter of Liar, Liar, Heartbreakers, and Little Rascals

“Paul O’Brien knows his crime and Paul O’Brien know his writing. He brings both of these worlds together brilliantly here.” —John Leiberman, Howard Stern Show
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