Letters to a Young Pug By Nancy Levine, By Wilson the Pug
How does the Master teach? Wilson the Pug, everyone’s favorite canine Taoist, is about to find out in this enchanting follow-up from the stars of The Tao of Pug.

Otto, the sage old pup who taught Wilson the ways of the Tao Te Ching, the ancient Chinese book of wisdom, is finally ready to rest his bones and retire to Boca Raton. Wilson is next in line to take his place as Master of the Taoist pug lineage, but before he can assume his rightful position, he must train his own successor, the young pup Homer. Once Homer has learned the lessons of the Tao and earned his yin-yang badge, Wilson can take his place on Otto’s throne.

Through funny letters and charming photographs, Wilson converses with his apprentice on the subtle wisdom of the Tao Te Ching. But unfortunately for Wilson, Homer’s not the easiest pupil to teach. He’s more interested in filling his stomach than feeding his mind and he’d rather nap his way to wisdom. The young pug’s path to enlightenment is chock full of surprises, as Wilson is about to find out.
TitleLetters to a Young Pug
AuthorBy Nancy Levine, By Wilson the Pug
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSkyhorse Publishing
Published4 July 2017
Dimensions7.00 x 6.00in.
Illustrations55 color photos.

About the author

Wilson the Pug is a direct descendant and lineage bearer of Pug-tzu—companion of the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu. The latter is widely credited with authoring the Tao Te Ching. Wilson lives in Berkeley, California, where he finds much tolerance for this Taoist canine American lifestyle.

Nancy Levine is a veteran dog photographer and former staff photographer for the Elmsford, New York, Humane Society. She has had extensive experience in theater and stand-up comedy and is a regular contributor to the Investigative Report, a cutting-edge parody newspaper in San Francisco. Her commentaries have been broadcast in the Bay Area on NPR affiliates, and her writing has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle. She is currently vice president of client services for an executive search firm and conducts corporate training workshops in the Bay Area. Originally from Scarsdale, New York, Levine now resides with Wilson in Berkeley, California.

"I love all of Wilson the Pug's books! He's a pug hero, helping The Humane Society of the United States to stop puppy mills!" --Gracie, pug of Patti Davis, and author of The Wit and Wisdom of Gracie "Wow! Hat's off to you, Wilson the Pug! Who'd ever think a pug could write a book . . . You do a pug proud!" --Frank the Pug, from the movie Men in Black III
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